Outer Limits

Pandemic Party Profile: Outer Limits, South Africa

by Jocelyn Becker with Casper Kleynhans

Gamers in Pretoria, South Africa, will be heading out on Sunday to the Outer Limits game and comic book store, to take part in the Global Pandemic Party.

Outer Limits

JAVA Centre,

285 Lynnwood Rd.

Menlo Park,


South Africa

Party details:

December 7

11am to 3pm


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Outer Limits moved to their new location at the JAVA Centre in Menlo Park in September. They're near the Varsity Bakery (close proximity to coffee and pastries is always a bonus!) They are now close to the University of Pretoria and Boys High, so there's a large student community who come to game at their store, along with many gamers who live in the Menlo Park area.

Outer Limits has a big selection of comics and boardgames for sale (including Pandemic of course!)

Casper Kleynhans, the Pandemic Party organiser, says he started out working there casually, but eventually took it over with his brother Robert. (Editor's note: I guess he must have liked it a lot!)

It's the only place in Pretoria where gamers can go for board gaming events, including regular weekly game playing:

They also host special events such as Free comic book day, National Boardgame day, and International Tabletop day (which will be on April 11 in 2015).

  • Wednesday -- General Tabletop gaming
  • Thursday -- Wargaming and Other tabletop
  • Friday -- Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Saturday -- Magic the gathering, Pokemon and Wargaming
  • Sunday -- Yu-Gi-Oh! and sometimes other events also

The Pandemic Party on Sunday will be their first charity event, but it was an easy decision for Casper to go ahead and hold one; he's a big Pandemic fan. (Matt says thanks!). Entrance to the Pandemic Party is free, according to their Pandemic Party event page, "all we ask is that if possible donate what you can to Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)."

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