Party Kit

Pandemic Party Kit

Flyers, game scenarios and role kits, donation cards, and other art you can use when hosting your party.

Scroll to the bottom for downloadable PDF files. You can also open the flyers in Google Docs, and copy and customize them before printing them out. Need a localized version (or have one?) Let me know at mleacock[at]

Pandemic Role and Scenario Kit

This kit contains 3 new roles and a scenario that are perfect for your Pandemic Party.

Print out a role card for each of your guests and hand them out when they arrive.

This downloadable PDF includes card fronts, a 9-up "Gamer" role sheet, and card backs.

Facebook Banners

Thanks to Jorgen Stovne for providing these. Click an image to get the full-sized version.

Facebook Event banner

Facebook Page banner

Game Store Flyers

Global Pandemic Party Game Store Flyer

Open the version with the date or the tagline in Google Docs or grab a PDF version below.

More Flyers

More flyers (in JPG format). Thanks to Jorgen for providing.

Game Night Flyer

Game Night Flyer

Open in Google Docs or grab a PDF version below.

Donation Cards

Donation Cards

Download a printable PDF version.

Logos and Other Useful Bits

Click each image for a higher resolution version. See the file section below for more sizes and styles.

Global Pandemic Party Seal (1000px)
Global Pandemic Parties Seal with tagline
Pending Outbreak in West Africa
Pandemic Cover
Pandemic: The Cure Cover

Social Media Icons

Grab an icon to swap in for your Twitter or Facebook profile image or Board Game Geek avatar.

Facebook Icon (320x320)

Facebook size (320x320)

Board Game Geek icon (64x64)
Board Game Geek icon #2 (64x64)

BoardGameGeek size (64x64)

Let us know if you come up with icons of your own—we'd love to share them.