We raised over $50,000 !!!

We raised over $50,000 !!!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the worldwide Pandemic Parties!

Thank you to the people who held Pandemic Parties, who played Pandemic, who donated, who sent wishes of support. Whatever you did to help us help Doctors without Borders in their quest to fight Ebola, we thank you.

We have been astonished and delighted by the creativity and ingenuity that people brought to their Pandemic Parties, from quarantining their living rooms, to making specially-wrapped chocolates, to dressing as doctors and breathing through masks.

Doctors without Borders made a special video just to thank us.


Here's a selection of photos from the Pandemic Parties across the globe! There were so many more Pandemic Parties in addition to those we have pictures for here. Thank you everyone!

The first Pandemic Party! In Los Altos, California

Pandemic Parties HQ Team, Ken, Jocelyn, Matt and Donna

Pandemic Partying in Israel

Epic Loot, Ohio



Matt and Donna

Game Kastle, San Jose, California

Infinity Games, Adelaide, South Australia

End Game, Oakland

London on Board

Saving humanity in Japan

Games of Berkeley

Beating Ebola in Minneapolis St Paul

Playing Pandemic in Thailand

Wales against Ebola

Casa Leacock