John Morelli

On July 2nd, in response to Pam asking me what my training goal was, I sent her this photo with a note saying I had booked a trip to Skellige Michael for September 14th 2018 and my goal was to be able to get to the top. Pam developed for me a comprehensive and effective workout plan with exercises that really work well and avoid pain. Her knowledge of alternative strategies for accomplishing specific goals is beyond impressive. I marvel at the range of options she has explored to find the exercises that work best for me. As a result, I’ve benefitted by gaining significantly increased mobility and balance as well as strength – the outcome has really been well beyond my expectations. Here I am, healthier and 618 steps higher, coming down from the top of this beautiful island.

Jackie Marchand

President, WomanTours, Inc.

2340 Elmwood Avenue

Rochester, NY 14618

585-424-2124 * 800-247-1444



I worked with several personal trainers before meeting Pam, but no one ever came close to comparing with her. Pam is extremely knowledgeable hard working and sensitive. She's always able to work around my aches and pains, designing and implementing a workout plan for me that pushes me to reach my goals. In my business, it's important that I stay fit. Working out from my home using Skype fits in with my crazy schedule, and Pam has been great at using the limited workout tools at my disposal to get in a good workout every time. She's great at mixing things up so I never get bored too. I know that I owe my reaching the 19,341' summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro to my biweekly workouts with her for the preceding months before I left for the climb.


Dani Polidor

Kitchen Design Services for Rochester & Syracuse NY at Ferguson Enterprises

Pam Changed my life! It was a blessing that a colleague of Pam's recommended that she would be the best personal trainer to achieve my health goals. Pam is incredibly intuitive when her clients health, safety and welfare are her concern. She has made me love working out and made it ok to go at my own pace. Her constant reassurance and professionalism and enthusiasm is only second to her incredible talent and expertise. Anyone who is fortunate to be able to work closely with her will feel better immediately. Through the short 18 months that Pam helped me become even more comfortable in my skin I am grateful that we have also become lifelong friends.

December 14, 2012, Dani was Pam's client

Priscilla Mooney

Associate Broker at RE/MAX Realty Group, Rochester NY

Pam is a true professional in her field of personal training, along with being very personable.

She always listened to my changing needs and quickly made adjustments to help me accomplish my goals. She so determined to help one succeed and does it in a gentle way. Certainly she is find for anyone that is just getting started or ready to take the next step in their fitness routine!!

December 13, 2012, Priscilla was Pam's client

Rick White

Director of Client Services at Language Intelligence

Pam provided me with personal training through the YMCA in Rochester, NY. Pam was extremely knowledgeable, and really fun to work with. She created customized workout plans for me and walked me through them really focusing on form and safety. I have been working out for years and have worked with other trainers previously and I came away from my sessions with Pam feeling like I had learned something new and having had a unique and fun experience. I would definitely work with Pam again!

December 13, 2012, Rick was Pam's client

Sue Avery

CEO, Avery Marketing, Inc | Film & Video Producer/Director | Trade Show & Events Producer | Marketing Specialist |

I have had several personal trainers throughout the years but once I found Pam that was it. She is supportive, consistent and by far the most knowledgeable personal trainer I have ever had and I have gotten the best results working with her.

S. Dolly Malik

Ph.D. Business StrategyAnalyzing Environmental Changes for Business Strategy and Planning

Pam Iuppa is one of the most devoted, professional, dedicated personal trainers I have ever met in my life and I've been working out since 1987. In Pam, you have a trainer, a coach, a champion, a motivator and a personal friend. As a professional trainer, myself, I can attest to her method of personal training. She takes an individualized approach that is tailored to a person's goals and sets objectives that are realistic and achievable. Pam Iuppa has my highest recommendation.

January 7, 2013, S. Dolly was Pam's client

Deborah Mangiamele

Editor / Writer

Pam provides excellent guidance and motivation when it comes to personal training. She is extremely knowledgeable in terms of exercise physiology offering alternative solutions / methods when there's injury or fatigue. Working with Pam is not only a pleasure, but also an opportunity to experience excellent results while having fun in the process!

January 3, 2013, Deborah was Pam's client

Rita Johnson

Commodity Team Manager at Xerox

If becoming physically fit is on your list for 2013 and not sure where to begin, then using a personal trainer would be the perfect place to start. Pam Iuppa has been in the business for 20 years and with this type of experience she is able to assess an individual’s needs and tailor workouts to meet your goals. If you have a specific sport that you are participating in or preparing for an upcoming event, Pam is able to structure your workout to develop specific strengths or prevent injuries.

As you increase in ability Pam is able to flex your routine to maintain a safe, challenging environment. Our 12 year partnership is a testament to her progressive style. She is always aware of your movements and monitors your workouts very closely to ensure correct handling of weights and proper form.

Pam believes in keeping current in the training area and continues her education as new ideas arise. Pam is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional. She maintains a schedule to meet your personal time challenges. She is sadly missed by all of her clients in upstate New York. We wish her the best in Southern California!!

December 30, 2012, Rita was Pam's client

Sarah Gelbard

Stagiaire at European Parliament

Pam is an incredible personal trainer-- perhaps the best there is. I have mild cerebral palsy, and working with her for a year left me stronger and more confident than I had ever been. Her approach was creative, and her manner, always consistent and kind. She repeatedly went above and beyond, and now, almost 4 full years after working with her, the impact is lasting. She is knowledgeable, focused, and dedicated-- and that dedication is infectious. I couldn't recommend a better personal trainer, and I have worked with several over the years. Pam is exceptional, and a master at her craft.

January 16, 2013, Sarah was Pam's client

Dan Harper

Regional Sales Manager - Windstream Communications - ISG Division

I hired Pam to help me "get into shape" in 2000. I had never done any weight training. Pam was excellent - she focused on safety, taught me the right techniques to avoid injury and knew when to push and when to back down. I moved away from the area in 2008 and since have had other personal trainers locally - NONE of the have matched up to my experience with Pam. I would highly suggest Pam.

January 11, 2013, Dan was Pam's client

Kimberlee Bliek

MS, RN, C-EFM,Transplant Program Administrator, University of Rochester Medical Center (colleague)

“I worked with Pam in developing an education program directed at the kidney transplant population. Specifically, Pam provided the group with an amazing motivational example (herself) as well as providing realistic goals and expectations for the group. The majority of the participants were people listed for a kidney transplant. Pam provided the group with a workout and exercise information that was mindful of their individual needs as people with kidney failure. Pam is a wonderful, endearing, motivating and shining example of how one can transform their lives in the midst of overwhelming challenges. Her willingness and ability to share with others her knowledge and enthusiasm of just what it takes to make that happen sets her apart.” March 28, 2013

Susan Lawton

Pam was able to put together an individual workout program for me that not only strengthened the weakness from a broken leg, but helped me fight multiple sclerosis as well. Working with Pam has been truly life changing for me.

December 13, 2012, Susan was Pam's client