Meet Sanctions

Getting a meet sanctioned and ready to accept on line entries in Swim Connection.

(Some of the tasks need to be completed sequentially, others are not.  Independent task should be completed expeditiously to avoid last minute scrambling)

 Independent Tasks:

  1. Forms for Meet Sanctions will be found on the Pacific Swimming Website under the Meets Tab and under the section labeled Meet Sanctions.  Attached are the sample Sanctions requirements and sample C/B/A+ meet sheet.  
  1. E-mail Meet Sanction Application form to  The appropriate sanction fees will be collected from the proceeds of the meet when you send in your financial statement to Pacific Swimming.   Get this task out of the way.  Do not wait till you have the meet approved before sending application form in. The meet will not be sanctioned until the Sanction Application form is in the hands of the Pacific Sanction Chair.
  1. Finalize the list of events that you plan to offer in your meet based on X, Y, Z format of the meet and the additional events you will be offering.  Check with your coaches.  This link provides explanation on the various formats.
  1. Apply for Meet host account with Swim Connection, if you do not have one.  Do this early if you do not have an account.  It may take a few days before Swim Connection approves your meet host application.
  1. Get Meet Referee and Head Starter assigned to your meet by contacting Leo Lin, Zone 2 Officials Chair at  You can also look it up in the Officials section in the Zone 2 website under Officials Meet Assignment.


Dependent Tasks:

  1. Start setting up the meet in Swim Connection once you have your initial event list complete and Meet Host account.  This will take some time and patience if you have never done this before.  Start on this task early so you have time to get through the set up and/or get help when you are stuck.  Once you have the meet set up, start running trial entries in the meet to see if you have the entry requirements set up correctly.  The more robust your set up is the faster it will take swim connection to approve your final setup after meet sanction, so your online entry can go live.
  1. Complete draft meet sheet.  There is a template attached which you may use to help you set up the meet sheet.  Try to follow the order and wordings that are listed in the 2012 meet sanctions document.  When the draft is completed send the Word document to the Meet Referee for comments and approval.
  1. In your meet sheet, the Swim Connection OME link is in the following format:  (YYYYMMDD =Year, month and date of the first day of the meet).
  1. After the Meet Referee approves the draft meet sheet, send meet sheet (Word file) to Marie Lin, Zone 2 Sanction chair at to obtain Zone approval.
  1. Incorporate comments/suggested changes from Marie Lin into meet sheet.  Obtain final approval from Meet Referee (in e-mail), and forward approval e-mail to Marie Lin for final Zone level approval.
  1. Once the meet sheet has been Sanctioned by Zone 2, Marie will send the Sanctioned meet sheet to Jill Ruppenstein in the Pacific Office for Pacific Approval.
  1. Incorporate comments/changes suggested by Jill in order to meet the Pacific Sanctions standards.  Wait for Pacific Sanction Approval and assignment of Sanction number.
  1. Make any event changes suggested in your Swim Connection meet setup.
  1. Contact Swim Connection to approve your meet set up if you are ready.  Once Swim Connection on line entry goes live, contact Rick Bebee, Pacific Swimming webmaster at so your meet info and online entry link will be posted on Pacific Swimming website.

NOTE: Skip Step 4 and 5 if your meet is a PC meet and send it directly to the Pacific Office for Pacific Sanction.

If you have any questions please contact the zone 2 sanctions lead at

Also attached are the recommended guidelines for assigning timing lanes to visiting teams.

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