Meet Equipment Rental

Zone 2 Equipment

Zone 2 owns timing equipment to support three 8-10 lane single course swim meets.  Zone 2 equipment is provided as a service to Zone 2 swim teams at a nominal rental fee.  The equipment is currently stored in a trailer at Affordable Storage at Pacheco, CA.  Zone 2 equipment is managed and maintained by the Zone 2 Equipment Committee.

Fees: Zone 2 Swim Teams can rent the timing equipment in either a 1 or 2 course package, or a la carte fashion by specific items.  Equipment rental rate for a weekend meet is:  

    1) $200 for one course

    2) $400 for 2 courses. 

Rental check should be made out to Zone 2, with Equipment Rental on the memo line.

Rental check should be turned in when the equipment is being picked up at Pacheco.

The equipment list for a typical 1 course meet and rental fees for specific equipment are listed in the following table.  

Reserving Equipment:  Teams wishing to rent Zone 2 equipment should contact a member of the equipment committee by e-mail with the date of the meet, and the equipment required, as soon possible. 

Contacts:          Leo Lin               

                                               Eric Fetterman

Arrangement for Pick Up: Equipment should be picked up from Pacheco during the week prior to the meet.  Earlier pick up can be requested by prior arrangement. The renting team should e-mail one of the equipment committee contacts, providing a number of desired dates and times for pick up.  This e-mail should be sent at least 1 week before the earliest pick up date listed..  A mutually agreed on pick up date and time will be arranged.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the team’s request.  There will be no same day pick up.

Equipment Transportation: Equipment for 1 course can easily fit into a standard sedan.  Equipment for 2 courses can fit into a standard size station wagon, SUV, minivan or a pick up truck. 

Score Board Transportation: The new double line scoreboards (69 in x 22 in x 3 in) can fit in most SUVs or car with a foldable rear seat.

Equipment Trailer: The equipment trailer is no longer in use.

Equipment Pick Up: A team representative with the appropriate transportation vehicle should be at Affordable Storage to meet with member of the Equipment committee at the pre-arranged date and time.  Affordable Storage is located at 95 First Ave. N., Pacheco (925-825-3217).  Detailed directions to Affordable Storage can be found at  The equipment check list will be used to document the specific items and quantities rented by the team.  The team representative and the Zone 2 representative will both sign the equipment check out list.  A copy of the equipment check out list will be sent by e-mail to the team representative.  The list should be used during take down after the end of the meet to make sure all Zone 2 equipment is accounted for.  Take down is usually chaotic.  The take-down staff, which is usually not the same as the set-up staff, are often tired and want to go home.  Having the check out list helps to insure that all equipment rented will be returned, and helps to prevent leaving some equipment behind.  The Pick up of a full course of equipment takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour,  depending on how easily the equipment can be packed into the transporting vehicle.

Arrangement for Equipment Return:  Arrangements for returning the equipment should also be made e-mail to one of the equipment committee’s contacts, following a similar process as the arrangement for pick-up.  List several dates and times .

Equipment Return:  Equipment returns take place at Affordable Storage at Pacheco.  It should take place no later than 1 week after the meet date.  All returned equipment will be verified and checked in by the Zone representative against the check out sheet.  Equipment check in usually takes about 30 minutes.

Malfunctioning and or broken Equipment:  Broken or malfunctioning equipment should be clearly marked and the symptoms of the malfunction described (preferably with a written description attached to the equipment) and pointed out to the Zone representative during check in.  A good description of the malfunction will aid the equipment committee in the repair of the broken/malfunctioning equipment.  There will be no charge to the team if equipment is broken due to normal wear and tear.  The Team will be charged for repair or replacement if it is determined the breakage is due to negligence or abuse.  Identifying the broken equipment is both a responsibility of the renting team and a courtesy to the next team renting the equipment.  Please do not conceal broken/malfunctioning equipment. Extra printer toner cartridges are supplied with printers as back up use, do not remove toner cartridge and replace with used one.

Missing/misplaced equipment: Teams will typically have 2 weeks to locate any missing item(s).  If the missing item(s) cannot be located within 2 weeks, the team will be billed for the missing equipment at replacement cost.  Replacement cost for items on the check out list is shown in the following table.  Agreement regarding the method of replacement should be made with the equipment committee contact.

Penalty for Equipment misuse/abuse: The penalty for misuse and/or abuse of Zone 2 equipment is shown in the following table.