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Michelle Goman and Scott Mensing

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Drought to Deluge:

Challenges facing Climate Science and Policy in the West

February 26th to March 1st 2023

Note the new date due to impacts of Covid-19

(Updated 5/15/2022)

PACLIM is a multidisciplinary workshop that broadly addresses the climatic phenomena occurring in the eastern Pacific Ocean and western North America. The purpose of the workshop is to understand climate effects in this region by bringing together specialists from diverse fields including physical, social, and biological sciences. Time scales from weather to the Quaternary are addressed in oral and poster presentations. We welcome oral and poster presentations on the years theme and as always welcome presentations (oral and poster) related to the general theme of climate and the Pacific.


PACLIM 2019 gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations:

USGS Climate Research and Development Program

Delta Science Program

Desert Research Institute

Beta Analytic