Volunteers Run This Pack, That’s Who!

Without Great Volunteers, The Pack Does Not Go

Shared leadership of the Pack benefits everyone. When parents are involved, it creates an opportunity to share a variety of skills and interests with the boys. There are many opportunities for helping with Cub Scouts and we need everyone’s help for our Pack to run smoothly and successfully. So please consider giving a couple of hours of your time to help the Pack provide a great program to all of our Scouts. We simply ask parents to get as involved in Scouting as they would in any other youth activity. You let us know how much time you have to volunteer and we will find a volunteer opportunity that works for you.

The job of the committee is to plan the Cub Scout Program and Activities for our Pack. Scouting should be a game with a purpose. Scouting goals are as follows: Build Character, Spiritual Growth, Good Citizenship, Sportsmanship, Family Understanding, Respectful Relationships, Personal Achievements, Friendly Service, Fun & Adventure, Prepare a Cub Scout to be a Boy Scout.

The following is a general list of committee positions:

Main Committee Positions

Committee Chair

Time commitment: 8-12 hours per month

-Direct link to the charter organization

-Meeting leader (monthly meetings and annual pack – planning conference)

-Look for new leaders

-Assign responsibility to committee members

-New and re-registration for scout members – (Recharter)


Time commitment:6-10 hours per month

-conduct, plan and carry out a pack program according to the policies of the BSA

-Lead the monthly pack meeting with the help of other leaders

-Work with pakc committee on program ideas, recruiting and budgeting

-Know and use available literature

-Guide and support den leaders

-Help Webelos transition into Boy Scouts

-Help committee chair conduct the annual pack program planning meeting and monthly pack leaders meetings

-Help cultivate, educate, and motivate leaders and parents

-Conduct impressive graduation and rank advancement ceremonies

Assistant Cubmaster

Time commitment: 6-10 hours per month

-Help Cubmaster as needed

-Participate in pack meetings

-Hel the pack committee to develop and promote on going recruitment plan

-Participate in planning and leadership meetings

-Attend and participate in all pack activities

-Support the policies of the BSA

Den Leader

Time commitment -3-5 hours per month

-Give leadership in carrying out the Cub Scout program in weekly meetings in the den

-Complete training for your position

-Lead the den in its participation at pack meetings and work in harmony with other dens

-Attend monthly committee meetings

-Use program resource literature

-Provide meaningful jobs for the denner so they can learn responsibility

-encourage scouts to earn advancement awards and maintain advancement records

-Develop a good working relationship with den parents & families

-Use their talents to help enrich the den program

Tiger Den Leader

Time commitment: 3-5 hours per month

-Same duties as Den Leader

-works with Tiger Adult Partners to see that proper leadership is available for each Tiger group/meeting

-Assists Tiger Adult Partners as needed.


Time commitment: 2-5 hours per month

-Helps the committee establish a budget plan

-Maintain pack bank account – two committee members to sign

-Keep up-to-date financial recors

-Provides the committee with a monthly budget report

Secretary/Communications Rep

Time commitment: 10 hours per month

-Get information to leaders

-Maintain up-to-date information on pack records, attendance and advancements

-Handle correspondence for the pack

-Keep notes on committee meetings

-Put out pack newsletter and dates

-Manages and updates pack website

Fundraiser/Popcorn Kernel

Time commitment: 1 month/year for popcorn drive, 1-3 hours other months

-Leads our annual popcorn fundraising drive (Popcorn Kernel) – informs scouts about selling responsibilities, works with treasurer, purchases/picks up/stores/distributes popcorn orders, coordinates show and sells, maintains sales records, orders and distributes awards for scouts, reports to the pack at pack night during popcorn season

-Friends of Scouting – distribute and collect cards

-Works with the committee to establish fundraising events for the pack

-Recruits other parents to assist with fundraising events


Time Commitment 2-4 hours per month

-Have demonstrated experience in maintaining a web site of medium or large scale size.

-Have ability to created PDF files from Word or other text document programs

-Have some experience or be trained using Google Sites

-Must have completed Youth Protection Training either on-line or in a classroom setting

-Will develop procedures and policies to train youth webmaster in creating content for website.

-Ensure that the website meets all guidelines for unit web sites as defined by the National and local councils of the BSA

-Ensure that the pack website is updated in a timely manner in particular the calendar needs frequent updates. Be familiar with Google Calendar in order to update site calendar

-Responsible for creating Permission Slips and posting one week prior to due date

-Ensure web site reflects the best image and values of souting and the pack.

-Should attend Committee Meetings to be aware of upcoming activities and schedule changes.

Special Committee Positions

Pinewood Derby Coordinator

Time Commitment: 1x/year 5-7 hours planning, 1 Pack Meeting on race day

-Organize volunteers, order awards, check with treasurer to secure funds

-Set up and test equipment at Oak Wood location

-Arrange for a clinic in early January to assist parents and Scouts with building of cars

-Run setup of track and checking cars in

-Organize and run the Derby

-Put all equipment away and make sure any broken or lost equipment is replaced

Recruitment Coordinator

Time commitment:

-Recruit new scouts and attend committee meetings

-Work with pack trainer to help new family’s complete registration and assimilate into Pack 66

-Help committee chairperson with annual rechartering of the Pack

Blue & Gold Banquet Chair

Time commitment:

-Recruit parent volunteers for committee

-Set date, time & location

-Select meal (catered, potluck, etc.)

-Determine serving needs (ie. Utensils)

-Determine budget

-Determine program (special guests, music, skits, ceremonies, awards, etc.)

-Determine room and table decorations and assign to dens

-Publicity: Inform Pack of details coordinate with webmaster, arrange for invitations and invite guests.

Overnight Trip Coordinator

Time Commitment:

-Work with committee to select Pack overnight location

-Act as the Pack representative to book the location

-Work with webmaster and create proper forms for signing up scouts and families

-Communicate with the pack about any programs or other important information from the venu.

-Organize transportation of necessary.

-Work with treasurer to collect funds for the trips