About Scoutbook

To assist Scouts, parents, and den leaders in keeping track of rank advancements, adventure loops, pins, and other awards, as well as to allow for better communications, Pack 12 subscribes to BSA’s electronic management system known as Scoutbook. This powerful online tool, available for use on any internet-connected desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone allows parents to sign off on requirements earned at home with family and allows den leaders to electronically record completion of requirements. We encourage all parents and dens to begin using Scoutbook.

Watch the following video tutorial put together by Pack 975 of the Indian Nations Council in Broken Arrow, OK to get acquainted with Scoutbook.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost for my family to use Scoutbook? 
    Nothing. Pack 12 has purchased a subscription for use by the entire pack. Individual families and dens should not make any additional purchase nor create individual accounts.
  • How do I access my Scout’s records in Scoutbook? 
    Pack 12 administrators enter each Scout’s profile into Scoutbook. A separate profile is also entered for each parent. Finally, a connection is made in Scoutbook between the parent’s profile and the Scout’s profile, which gives the parent full access to the Scout’s records.
  • How do I get a parent profile? 
    Do not create your own Scout or parent profile. Pack 12 administrators enter the parent profiles into Scoutbook. An invitation email is sent to the parent’s email address. Once the parent accepts the invitation, he or she has Scoutbook access. Be sure to check your email spam filter for the invitation email.
  • I have not received a Scoutbook invitation. How do I get one? 
    Do not create your own Scout or parent profile. Send an email to webmaster.pack12olom@gmail.com requesting Scoutbook access. Please include your name, your spouses name, email address, and the name of each of your Scouts in Pack 12.
  • Why are some of my Scout’s awards missing from Scoutbook? 
    Don’t worry. To set up Scoutbook, Pack 12 synced records from the Council’s advancement database, which is used primarily for purchasing purposes. The Council requires its database to include the date that each Scout earns a rank advancement (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light). However, other awards, such as belt loops, immediate recognition beads, and others are purchased by the pack in bulk and not necessarily reflected in the database. For awards earned going forward, Scoutbook should be accurate and up-to-date.