Frosty Outpost Christmas Tree Farm

Sorry, we're permanantly closed.  However...

We have a dozen Norway Spruce trees (short needle), 6-8' tall in the back that we will sell on Dec 3, 2023 from 1-5pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  The store is closed, and we sold all our equipment, so bring your own saw, twine and cash ($6 per foot).  Sorry - SOLD OUT!  Call or message us and we'll put you on the list.  937-997-2000 or e-mail

 2023: Thank you to all our loyal customers over the years.  It was  a fun chapter of our lives, and a real pleasure serving you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Experience an old-fashioned holiday tradition, like your grandparents did!

We're a little different than your typical Christmas tree farm. Rather than monotonous rows and rows of the same size and type of tree, we grow our trees in a more natural environment, mixing many types and sizes of evergreens, along with deciduous trees, everywhere on our grounds. We have full, well formed trees, or whimsical, odd-shaped "Charlie Brown" trees. Not unlike a real woods!

Embark on your adventure with a toboggan, a bow saw, knee pad, and a 10' measuring stick.  Seek, then cut your tree.  Note: Our trees seem to magically increase in size once inside your house!  You may want to select a tree slightly smaller than you think you want.  Upon choosing and cutting your tree, place it in the toboggan and pull it back to the Outpost where a shaker machine will remove the prior year's needles, and if desired, it can be baled and netted for an easier ride home.

After completing your adventure, enjoy free hot dogs and hot chocolate, and browse the Christmas shop where we offer fresh cut wreaths, seasonally painted gourds, and other Christmas decorations and items.

Pines and Spruce trees: $6.00 per foot;  Fir trees: $8.00 per foot.

Merry Christmas from the Howells! 

Allen, Carmen, Mark, Nick, Jennifer and new a Official Greeter (dog)

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