Rules of Badminton

adopted by the Badminton World Federation

The full rules can be found here:

Most of the rules are familiar definitions for how we play the game, however they do change from time to time and some you may not be aware of are worth noting here.

Rule 7, (Scoring) states that if the score becomes 20-all, you must gain a lead of two points to win. however, if the score reaches 29-all, the 30th point wins that game.

Rule 9, (Service) has changed and many players are unaware of this. For example there is no longer reference to the racket head being below the wrist. Controversially the "waist height" rule has been changed to a 1.15 Meter maximum.  This is similar as it previously was for an average size male player, at the server waist, as defined by the bottom rib. Taller players may need to be a little below this.

The main points to note about a legal serve are:
  • Both server and receiver must be stationary within their service box.
  • The serve starts with the first forward motion, regardless of if the server misses the shuttle.
  • At the point of contact, the whole of the shuttle must be below 1.15 Meters.
  • The shuttle must travel upwards to pass over the net. (Now a pointless rule due to the 1.15 Meter rule)

Rule 13, (Faults)
A double hit or sling is a fault however, a shuttle hitting the head and the stringed area of the racket in one stroke is not.
You can't invade the opponent's court over the net except you can follow the shuttle over the net with the racket provided the point of contact with the shuttle is on the striker's side of the net.

Local League Rules

In addition to the laws of badminton, the local leagues of Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate all have rules regarding the arrangement and playing matches. You should be aware that there are differences in these rules; particularly regarding court time and unfinished matches

The Leeds League stipulates that all players be in a position to play wthin 10 minutes of the advertise start time. Any that are not will result in forfeiting the relevant number of rubbers at the end. Further rubbers are forfeited for every addtional 10 minutes delay.

The Bradford League rules state that games may be forfeited at the discretion of the executive committee if players are not present after 20 mins of the start. If a match is not completed, a full explanation must be reported on the back of both competing teams match score sheets. The match result will be decided by the Executive Committee.

The Harrogate League forfeits a rubbers after 15 minutes late and for every 15 minutes additional rubbers are forfeited

Only the Leeds rules state that Any rubbers not started within 20 minutes of the published finish time must be changed to a single game.