Club Rules

  1. The name of the club shall be Otley Badminton Club
  2. The club shall be governed by a committee consisting Club Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and 3 other members. 4 shall form a quorum.
  3. All committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. Any vacancies may be filled by the committee.
  5. All members of the committee shall have one vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman shall have a further vote.
  6. The Annual General Meeting shall be held between 1 April and 31 July each year. 14 days notice shall be given to each member.
  7. An Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called by written request to the Secretary. The request must state the object of the meeting and be signed by at least 8 members.
  8. The financial accounts of the club shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting, duly audited by an appointed auditor.
  9. Subscriptions, match fees and visitors’ fees for the ensuing season shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.
  10. The season shall run from the beginning of the Christmas term to the end of the Easter term, as set by the Education Authorities (any extension to the season shall be approved by the committee).
  11. Membership shall be by annual subscription. Membership shall be renewable and subscriptions become due on the first night of the season. Where the subscription has not been paid by 1st October the committee shall have the right to remove the member’s name from the roll.
  12. All candidates for membership must be proposed by a member of the club and elected by the committee, but shall not be entitled to the privileges of membership until the first subscription is paid.
  13. Any member considered to be behaving in a manner detrimental to the interests of the club may be removed from the roll by a two-thirds majority of the committee. The member shall be given 14 days notice to attend.
  14. Subject to any reservations which the committee may consider necessary, members may occasionally introduce visitors on the payment of a fee. The member will be held responsible for the payment of the fee. A visitor making use of the facilities of the club shall be limited to 3 visits in any half season.
  15. Appropriate badminton clothing must be worn during play. Approved indoor sports shoes are essential.
  16. The committee shall have the right to impose further rules about play.
  17. The committee shall have the right to appoint a club coach and utilize his/her services for the benefit of the club.
  18. Team captains shall be appointed by the committee.
  19. Match practice will be held at the discretion of the team captain.
  20. It is the responsibility of all members to assist in the preparation of courts before play, and in the clearing of the courts and other equipment after play.
  21. No alteration shall be made to the rules except at an Annual General Meeting. Notice of any proposed alteration must be made to the Secretary at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting and inserted in the circular calling the meeting.
  22. Every prospective member shall be provided with a copy of the rules before paying their first subscription.
  23. Discretionary powers shall be given to the committee to meet any circumstances not provided for in these rules.
  24. The team captains shall be responsible for the selection of the teams who play to represent the club. Selections should be considered from all players who have expressed an interest in playing in teams for the club, and wherever possible should be players who do not play for another team within the club.
  25. Winding up Procedure

a) In the event of dissolution of the club, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the club, but shall be given or transferred to one of the following approved sporting or charitable bodies:

      1. A registered charitable organisation(s).
      2. Another Club which is a registered CASC.
      3. The sports national governing body for use by them for related community sports.

b) The distribution will be subject to a ballot held at the final general meeting