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The Current Table Talk Study: Beginning with June 15th - Table Talk will include 'hot' topics.

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  • June 15 Hot Topics 1 Wine

This week we’ll look at our Communion practices and compare those to other church bodies. Are we being “exclusive” or “snobbish” when we restrict who can participate in the Sacrament? Should Communion be offered only once per month, or do we need it every week? What is God doing in Holy Communion and what are we doing by our coming to the Table of the Lord? These questions as well as the Scriptures upon which our position stands or falls will be examined tonight

  • June 22 Hot Topics 2 Women

Is the Bible (and Christianity in general) against women? Why doesn’t the LCMS have women pastors? What is a “functional” view of the pastoral office? Should women be silent and subservient? (good luck with that one!) What are the requirements of those who lead the Church? What “auxiliary” offices exist within the Church and how have these historically been understood? How is the office of ministry different from being a minister? Tonight, we’ll see why Missouri Synod stands where it does on women’s ordination as well as the many other service roles within the Church which women can hold. We’ll also briefly touch on hermeneutics (principles of Biblical Interpretation) and gender equality issues within the LCMS and the greater culture.

  • June 29 Hot Topics 3 Song

What is worship? The hows and whys of worship along with an examination of what makes worship “good” will be our theme tonight. Can we use worship materials that aren’t published by Concordia? What makes a service “contemporary”? How “multi-sensory” should a worship “experience” be? Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” – so does that mean we don’t have to go Church on Sunday? Is Sabbath-breaking still a sin? What are appropriate and inappropriate activities for worship and who gets to decide? Bring your questions about worship tonight and we’ll do our best to wrestle with the “worship wars”.

  • July 6 Open Mic Night ???

Having hit the big three, we now open up Zoom for your questions. Tonight we’ll deal with any topic you wish to bring to the table; – is God a republican or a democrat? - Is God “green”?

Whatever you want to talk about, tonight’s the night. I won’t promise we’ll find an answer, but we will discuss whatever is on your mind.

  • July 13 No Zoom Tonight VBS week – Redeemer

As this is VBS week at Redeemer with 50+ kids per day, pastor’s mind and energies will be occupied elsewhere. We’ll take a break this week and pick up again on July 20.