Park History

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SeaWorld Ohio opened in Aurora just outside of Cleveland in 1970, making it the second SeaWorld park. For most of its life it was the marine life park that sat on the opposite end of Lake Geauga (Geauga lake amusement park being on the other). SWO was your smaller park with a family friendly, more peaceful atmosphere, the animals providing the extra bonus for a fun day. As the theme park business began to get bigger in the 1990s, SWO was having a lot of difficulty keeping up with the business, by 1999 into 2000 they began to look to other options, including selling the park. Six Flags acquired the park in 2001, and combined it with their park nearby (formally Geauga Lake at the time), with this combination made it the largest Six Flags park. Six Flags first year while owning the marine park featured no killer whales, until 2002. Six Flags however didn't last long either. They sold the park to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company who then ended all animal displays completely.

Now all that remains are the memories of the former Ohio park. It demise certainly help leave an impact on the areas economy. This website is designed to focus on just the SeaWorld park, its beauty and the animals that once called this little park "home".