Born in Cincinnati, Ohio Amy was literally born into the world of RV'ing. From the time as an infant through her teen years she been on the road visiting various parks and other destinations with her grandparents, parents, siblings and cousins. Most the time the destinations were one of the three Ohio theme parks; Cedar Point, Kings Island and SeaWorld.

By 1990 her love for marine mammals was just beginning after seeing the dolphins at Cedar Point, then during a later visit to SeaWorld she fell in love with killer whales after seeing two female killer whales perform in the "Legend of Shamu". Wasn't until a couple years later she learned those two female killer whales' names were Kalina and Samoa. Through the 1990s Amy continued going to SeaWorld Ohio off and on till the park had shut it doors when being sold off to Six Flags.

Present day she has went on to work for Kings Island and often goes to other parks in her off time during the summer season which includes SeaWorld Florida and her second home, Cedar Point.