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End of the year Scholarships

OCBCF Chess Scholarship

In an effort to promote both chess in the Coastal Bend area and further the academic pursuits of our players, we are announcing the start of a scholarship program. Over the course of this year’s scholastic chess tournaments, we will be keeping a running tally of participation and achievement. A point will be kept for the year. Because we believe in the importance of community service we will be also be allowing points for students who volunteer their time teaching and mentoring in chess programs at any school or chess club event.


    • 1 point for participation in an OCBCF scholastic tournament
    • 5 points for a 1st place finish
    • 3 points for a 2nd place finish
    • 1 point for a 3rd place finish

* 10 points per month may be earned for volunteer work and must be certified by a chess sponsor. (1hour= ½ point)


High school

    • Overall 1st place $500.00
    • Overall 2nd place $250.00
    • Overall 3rd place $150.00

Middle School

    • Overall 1st place $75 gift card
    • Overall 2nd place $50 gift card
    • Overall 3rd place $25 gift card

Elementary (Grades 4-5)

    • Overall 1st place $50 gift card
    • Overall 2nd place $35 gift card
    • Overall 3rd place $25 gift card

Primary (K-3)

    • Overall 1st place $40 worth of chess supplies
    • Overall 2nd place $25 worth of chess supplies
    • Overall 3rd place $15 worth of chess supplies



    • Players must attend school (public, private, or home) within the Coastal Bend Area for at least three months to participate.
    • Players will be considered based on their academic grade level not level of competition for those who play up.
    • A minimum participation in 4 OCBCF tournaments (as a player or volunteer tournament director) is required during the academic year.
    • In the event of a tie, equitable distribution of prizes will be calculated.
    • High School scholarship applicants must submit a one-page double-spaced essay explaining why they should be considered for the scholarship.
    • All awards calculation and distribution is at the discretion of the OCBCF executive board of directors.
OCBCF Volunteer Hours Sheet 2018-2019