Our Members and Volunteers

Who Volunteers

Our Volunteers and Support include various people from around the community.

We have several local private and school chess coaches who are a part of our team. They provide free mini chess lessons at our Art Walk booth the First Friday of each month and at our tournaments.

We also have parent volunteers who assist their schools in running the tournaments by setting up, gathering raffle items, and running the concession stands. Parent volunteers also help with checking the kids out after each round at the tournaments and handing out flyers at our Art Walks.

We are always welcoming new volunteers. We are a great group and have lots of fun while our kids play chess and make new friends. I hope you can join us.

To join the OCBCF and become an official member you need to have participated in a minimum of 3 OCBCF events such as our tournaments, the ArtWalk, and our National Chess Day Event. Any three event will qualify you to be a member. Please sign up below once you have completed your three events, to become an official member of the OCBCF!