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This web site is aimed at individuals and organizations that hope to improve health in Clarendon County and across South Carolina by collaborating on the development and use of innovative 'open' health information and technology (HIT) and solutions. This site shares information on a wide range of  'open' health IT solutions, from Open Standards to Open Architecture, Open Source Software, Open Access, Open Data, Open Hardware, Open Knowledge and much more. Links are also provided here to many useful consumer 'health information' web sites.          
The global community developing, implementing, and using 'open' health solutions continues to steadily to grow across the U.S. and around the world.  There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of sites containing information about 'open' solutions that are now available for use by both individuals and organizations for many purposes.

The emergence of the 'open' solutions movement started well over 20 years ago with the development of free and 'open source' software (FOSS). It then expanded to include 'open standards', 'open access', 'open data', 'open architecture', 'open hardware' ...  The movement started in the technology sector, then spread into education, healthcare, manufacturing, government and just about every other component of the public and private sector.

The 'open' movement has now evolved to encompass a philosophy and approach that supports the adoption of 'open culture' and 'open societies' across the globe as we move deeper into the 21st century and the 'Information Age'.

Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI)

  • Collaboration allows one to save time, energy, and money by   cooperating with others; sharing information, knowledge, and resources; and working jointly on projects with other employees, business partners, and even customers.
  • Open Solutions facilitate the ability of professionals, organizations, computer systems, and end users or consumers to communicate and freely share information in an open,  interoperable, and transparent way.
  • Innovation unleashes the knowledge and applied creativity power of individuals and/or organizations collaborating and working together in an open and transparent manner to significantly improve business processes, reduce costs, and improve the quality of end products.

In other words, the three key management strategies of Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) are interlinked in concept and execution as follows:

Collaboration + Open Solutions = Innovation

Health Information & Technology

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The 'Open Way'

The 'Open Way' is more than a software development or business model; it defines the characteristics of a culture. The open way thrives on broad collaboration and shared effort.
  • The open way is about possibility. It presents a new way to solve old problems by sharing ideas and effort.
  • The open way opens doors. It offers a new perspective. It's about being open, not closed. About collaboration, not isolation.
  • The open way multiplies: Knowledge, Effort, Inspiration, Creativity, Innovation... The impact is exponential.

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