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Open Access Monitor is an open research initiative, designed to harness a crowdsourced approach to fill the gap between policy and practice in the Open Access to the outputs of publicly funded research. It follows an 'Evidence Based Research'  approach and it consist of a set of resources (some guidelines, a process and an inventorying tool) to assist any member of the public to contribute to monitoring and providing evidence of the implementation of Open Access policies in any country or domain.

What is 'Open Access'?

Why do we need to monitor Open Access?
An exploratory  review of Open Access uptake in Systems Engineering domain provided enough evidence to justify further enquiry
into the practice.  In theory, Open Access is supported and promoted by  national and internationals governments, public funding bodies and research institutions
In practice,  and despite much excitement,  few researchers and research students truly know what 'Open Access' is, and what they should do about it

How can I help Monitor Open Access?
Follow the steps outlined in the guidelines, and enter your findings in the relevant  online inventory tools
You can also contribute to develop, refine and promote this project (or otherwise as you see fit) by joining the project mailing list 

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