Voicemail & Faxing

To access your VoIP system Voicemail:

  • From the Bria softphone app, press the Voicemail Key (lower-left on the dialer keypad) - OR - Dial 484-234-2633
  • Enter your 4-digit extension

[CN=2637, SP=1938, CR=1227, HS=8250, JD=9421, JH=3237, LP=3236]

  • Enter you voicemail password, followed by #
  • You are now in the voicemail system. See below to review the Voicemail Menu Commands.

To Send a Fax:

Faxes may only be sent from registered email addresses. Each of your email addresses have been registered.

  • Compose an email to ###@fax.vantageip.com replacing the ### with the ten-digit fax number
  • The Subject of the fax can be anything you wish - no one but you will see it
  • Attached a Word document or PDF file (you can attache several files and they will all become part of this single fax transmission)
  • The ONLY thing in the body of the email must be the system's fax password line: @@password=xxxxxxxx [see SMP for the pswd to replace the Xs].
  • Send the message. You will receive a fax confirmation (successful or failed) via email a few minutes later.