Calling Features

Conference Calling

Set up a Conference Call Bridge and have up to 10 people dial in to 484-234-2634 (or *55 from an office phone) for a telephone conference.

  1. In a web browser, go to the MAXcore VoIP Portal (username is your email address; see SMP if you need your MAXcore password).
  2. From the MAXvoice Home screen, click on "View conferences" in the blue box.
  3. From the Scheduled Conferences screen, click "Add Conference" and enter the following:
    • Customer: leave this set to Omnis Law Group.
    • Group: select Omnis Law Group LLC.
    • Owner: leave it set to your name.
    • Conference Title: enter anything you want, it doesn't matter, but a title is required.
    • Conference Type: set to Standard.
    • Record Call: you can set this to create a digital recording of the call to later download.
    • Project Code: leave this blank.
    • Leader: select if you want to require a leader (caller will be on hold and the conference will not start until the leader dials in); if you want to drop the conference when the leader (you) hangs up; and if you want to Announce Callers (they will be prompted for their name when calling in).
    • Enter the Start Date, Start Time, and Duration of the call. Note that if you go over time, the call will continue unless another user has the conference bridge booked at that time.
    • Recurs: select none for a one-time call, or choose to make it a recurring call
    • Note: you can put notes if you wish or simply leave it blank.
  4. Click the blue Create button.
  5. You will be returned to the Scheduled Conferences screen and your call will be listed. You can see the access codes for the leader and participants on this screen.
    • If you wish to generate an invitation email, select the Action drop down to the right of your call and choose Send Invite. This will prompt you to create an Email invitation for the leader or participant.


Our static Conference Call number is 484-234-2634, but the participant and leader codes vary with each conference.

If participating on the conference call from one of our office phones, you can simply dial *55 and enter the conference code to join the conference.

At the conclusion of the telephone conference, you will receive an email with a summary of the call which lists the phone numbers and attendance times for each participant.

Transfers & Blind Transfers

Transferring calls to a user's extension.

While on the line with the caller, press Transfer. The caller will automatically be placed on hold.

  • To ring the user's phone (so they can pick up the call), dial the 4-digit extension (Ex: 1234).
  • For a blind transfer (caller goes directly to user's voicemail), dial * and the extension (Ex: *1234).

[Extensions: HS=8250, JD=9421, CN=2637, SP=1938, CR=1227, JH=3237, LP=3236]


Anywhere Calling

Place a call so that it appears that you are calling from your office line (484-81-OMNIS or 610-696-8500).

You must install and register the Bria softphone app on you mobile device. Please see SMP for assistance with initial setup.

For details on the Bria app, see:


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