Photo of Anthony  4 m, April 2017 .

   My sister, Laura-Eliza Dumitrescu, is an Assistant Professor of Statistics.

- Starting 2017, I am Assistant Professor at Central Michigan University
- I am also a permanent member of the Algebraic Geometry group of the
- I was a member of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.
- I was a
Postdoctoral Fellow in Algebraic Geometry at GRK Analysis, Geometry and String Theory (Graduiertenkolleg 1463), Leibniz Universitaet Hannover.
- I was a
Krener Assistant Professor in Algebraic Geometry at

News:  In September 9th -14th, 2018 we are organizing a BIRS conference

Impact of my research activities:

My work with M. Mulase connecting the theories of topological recursion and Higgs bundles, which resulted in our recent solution to a conjecture of Gaiotto  (with L. Fredrickson, G. Kydonakis, R. MazzeoM. Mulase and A. Neitzke) while attending the AIM workshop Current trends on spectral data for Higgs bundles, is featured by
Laura P. Schaposnik in the article "Bridges between worlds" ,  pages 4, 5
(in  AIMatters, Newsletter of the American Institute of Mathematics).

- During the last three years, my research in algebraic geometry and global analysis with collaborators contributed to the mission of the non-profit organization American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) in San Jose, California. I co-organized one workshop, and attended five other workshops and a SQuaRE there.

- I have obtained my Ph.D degree in Algebraic Geometry under the supervision of Rick Miranda.


Central Michigan University
​Pearce Hall 214
​Mount Pleasant, MI 48859