Visits:   RIMS, Kyoto - 3 months summer 2024   IHES  during the Winter break 2023 - 2024      MPIM Bonn 6 months 2023

I will be part of Geometry related to Integrable systems and Mathematical Physics, Japan, summer 2024.

Current Position:

My sister Laura Dumitrescu

Grad students (UNC):  

Research interest: Catalan numbers/Witten-Kontsevich intersection numbers, Dimensionality for divisors; Topological Recursion, Quantization for Hitchin systems, positivity of divisors; Opers, conformal limits, 2D TQFT, Foliations, Cones of Curves, CohFT

Co-organizer Math Events 2024:

 New Aspects in Topological Recursion   -  RIMS  Kyoto, July.

Workshop on Moduli Spaces and Integrability - UNC Chapel Hill (with Justin Sawon, in progress)

Talks 2024:

RIMS research seminar - Kyoto, Japan, 

Resurgence and Related Topics,  July RIMS Kyoto 2024 (K. Iwaki, T. Mochizuki, K. Osuga, MH. Saito)

Recent developments in mirror symmetry and Calabi Yau varieties - Aug 5-9 RIMS Kyoto 2024 (MH Saito, T Mochizuki, A Takahashi, S Hosono)

 Integrability, geometry and QFTs October 7 -11, Madrid, Spain (Marina Logares, Monica Kang, and Angel Gonzalez).

UNC Grants:

Contact:  dolivia[at]unc[dot]edu


Dept. of Mathematics, 

UNC at Chapel Hill, 

431 Chapman Hall,

CB# 3250, Chapel Hill,

 NC 27599-3250.