Our two croft houses in Oldshoremore each have their own distinct charm and character.


Elders has been owned and used by our extended family every year since we purchased it in the 1960's. As the family has grown we were lucky enough to be able to buy the cottage next door and this now provides great flexibility to allow two families to stay at the same time while retaining a degree of separation.

They have both been regularly updated and each provide a different experience. Elders was reconfigured and provides a good clear open entertaining space downstairs with a view of the entire Oldshoremore bay and sunsets while the first floor has full height bedrooms .

They are both on the former croft of 142 Oldshoremore and were known as 142 and 142A.  To avoid confusion the larger house was renamed "Elders" as there were elder bushes growing around it---which have now long since gone!

142 A Oldshoremore                                              

 142A has a traditional cottage layout with coombed bedroom ceilings and is very cosy and snug to stay in--children and adults love the true crofting experience. 

While retaining its original character it is very easy to use with modern kitchen and bathroom installations and warms up very quickly due to the low ceilings

Our cottages are easily found as they are on the bray leading to the cemetery and Oldshoremore beach. See link below for map of location


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