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Updated  May 2024

Four Overlapping Areas of Our Work

1. Global Integration (GI)
2. Global Integrity (GIn)
3. Global Mental Health (GMH) and Mental Health as Mission (mhM)
4. Member Care (MC) and Global Member Care (GMC)
Audio and video links are included when available.

Note: The MCA Learning Platform also includes our MCA Publications,
websites and weblogs, and Member Care Updates and Global Integration Updates.
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2024 Presentations
GMH--Global Mental Health: Working Across Sectors for People and Planet Wellbeing
Regent University, School of Psychology and Counseling,  GMH doctoral course (2 March 2024)

2023 Presentations
GIn--Integrity and Anti-Corruption: Upcoming Global Events and Organizations

Virtual Café—Integrity: Basic Christian Identity Lausanne-WEA Global Integrity Network
(9 December 2023)

MC and GMC--Cross-Cultural Transitions: Self-Care and Family Strengths
Partners in Diplomacy, Global Leadership Geneva (23 November 2023)

GMH--Spirituality for Mental Health and Wellbeing, World Federation for Mental Health 75, Ecumenical Centre, Geneva, (17 November 2023)

GMH--Global Mental Health: Core Resources for Connecting and Contributing (and three frameworks for engaging in our world) Global Mental Health, School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University (28 October 2023)

MC and GMC--Cross-Cultural Transitions: Staying Grounded While Being Mobile 

Partners in Diplomacy International Women's Day Luncheon

Global Leadership Geneva-Bern  (8 March 2023)

GMH--Global Mental Health in the Missio Dei: Seven Foundations-Directions
Applications for Global: MH-Psyc-MHPSS (powerpoint)
Global Mental Health 1, School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University (18 February 2023)
Watch the video of the first half of the class (50 minutes, password is: +$EH?B1z) moderated by Dr. Emily Hervey (course instructor) in which the three guest presenters share about their professional and faith-based backgrounds and perspectives on GMH: Dr. Julian Eaton (UK--04'30"-22'30"), Dr. Smyrna Khalaf (Lebanon--23'-30'), and Dr. Kelly O'Donnell (USA--30'45"-49'30)

2022 Presentations
GIn--Summary Reflections and Suggestions: The International Anti-Corruption Conference (6-10 December 2022) Virtual Cafe: Good Overcomes Evil--Integrity Overcomes Corruption, Lausanne-WEA Global Integrity Network (17 December 2022)

GMH-- GMH Overview, Updates, and Directions: Sustainable Development-Survival-Destruction?
--18 October 2022, Fordham  University, Social Psychology/Clinical Psychology Seminar and Psychology Coalition at the United Nations Forum
(powerpoint HERE; 22 minute video HERE)
--2 November 2022, Azusa Pacific University, Global Psychology course (powerpoint HERE)
--11 November 2022, Regent University,  Global Mental Health Care course (powerpoint HERE)

GI--Global Integration: My Journey into the Missio Dei Frontiers (video),  EMS-ISFM Conference--Reconciliation: God's Mission through Missions for All (EMS) and Frontier Mission in an Emergent World (ISFM) (8 October 2022). Power point with notes HERE.

GIn--A Psychologist's Journey into Global Integrity. Lausanne-WEA Global Integrity Network Conference --"Integrity and Anti-Corruption on the Frontlines" (30 April 2022) See also the written summary of  Reflections and Resources for the Interview.

2021 Presentations
GMH and mhM--GMH and Wellbeing for All:  Updates, Applications, Pathways. Indigenous Mental Health Care  Course, Regent University (4 November 2021). Interaction video with students for questions and answers.

GMH--GMH for Sustainable Development.  Addressing Mental Health in Global Contexts webinar.  Fordham University Psi Chi, International Social Development course at Fordham University, Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (21 October 2021)

GMH--Global GMH Events in October 2021. Psychology Coalition at the United Nations meeting (23 September 2021)

MC and GMC--Doing Mission Well: Tough Teams and People for Tough Times and Places--Tools for Wellbeing and Effectiveness. Team Expansion Interconnect Conference. Five plenaries and two workshops in more detail on managing stress and building resilience (June-July 2021).
1. Member Care Matters—Lessons from History and the Household of Stephanas
2. Managing Mission-Life Challenges—Giants, Foxes, Wolves, and Flies
3. Stress and Strengths in Mission--Resources from the Humanitarian Sector
4. Building Resilient Teams—Resources from the CACTUS Kit
5. Summary of Sessions—Summons to Integrity
More information and links to the presentation power points in the MC Update August 2021 

GIn--Global Integrity  Day; Courage against Corruption during COVID-19 (2nd presentation--GID and Global Initiatives) Faith and Public Integrity Network, Association for  More Just Society--Honduras (9 June 2021)

GMH and mhM--O’Donnell, K., & Lewis O’Donnell, M. (27 April 2021). Pathways into Global Mental Health [interview]. Full interview, 55 minutes. See Clip 2--an 8 Minute segment on "Six M’s of Engagement for Global Mental Health: Mindsets, Mentors, Models, Multi-Sectoral, Mainstreaming, Mechanisms." 

GMH--GMH and WHO: Reflections and Resources for Colleagues Across Sectors
GMH: Refugee Trauma and Recovery course, Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, Harvard Medical School (April 2021)

GMH--GMH Developments and Directions--with and emphasis on culture and community
Culture and Community Psychology course, Fuller School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy (22 February 2021)

2020 Presentations
GIn--Strategic Conversations: Tools for Integrity
Lausanne Movement--World Evangelical Alliance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network (November 2020)

GMH-- GMH: Developments and Directions
Global Psychology course, PsyD Program, Azusa Pacific University (October 2020)

GMH--Wellbeing for All: GMH Development and Directions
Argentina Mental Health Association Conference (7 October 2020)

GMH--Good Grief and Good Growth
Library Talks, Waterford, CT USA (September 2020)

GMC--Stress and Trauma in Mission: Lessons from the Humanitarian Sector (webinar)
video version or powerpoint only (22 August 2020)  

GMH--Working Globally Across Sectors: Reflections and Resources for Global Mental Health
Regent University, School of Psychology and Counseling, presentation (11 July 2020)

GMH--Humanitarian Stress and Trauma, Payap University and The Well (4, 5 February 2020)

GMH--Wellbeing and Global Mental Health, Payap University and CCF (6, 7 February 2020)


 Presentations 2009-2019

GIn--Into Integrity 1: Seven Podcasts-Blog Posts (June 2019).  Into Integrity 2: Seven Podcasts-Blog Posts (December 2019). The purpose of the Into Integrity FAST is to call attention to--and confront--the lack of disclosures by specific organizations/leaders/people affected by the international Nordic Capital Investment KB fraud (NCI) as well as the related dismissals. audio and written ok ok

GInGlobal Integrity: Resources for the In Pursuit of Integrity Conference--handout (24 June 2019)
Global Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network, Lausanne and WEA, Manila, The Philippines

mhM--The Trauma Pandemic: A Global Lens for Global Action (17 June 2019) video
Crisis and Trauma Course, Western Seminary, USA. Full version of power point HERE (without audio) ok

GMCDoing Member Care Well: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions (2 May 2019)
Asia Member Care Conference, Malaysia

GMHWellbeing for All: Ten Areas of Engagement for RSP-GMH (11 April 2019)
Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, USA

mhMThe Trauma Pandemic: A Global Lens for Global Action (6 April 2019)
International Trauma Collaborative, Multnomah University, USA.  Handouts

mhMPartnering as Faith-Based People and Organizations (6 April 2019)
International Trauma Collaborative, Multnomah University USA

GMHTransforming Our World: MHPs and SDGs (21 March 2019)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies Conference, USA. Handouts ok

mhM--Wellbeing for All: Global Mental Health and the Church-Mission Community (29 November 2019)
GMH and Trauma Network, Lausanne Movement. Watch the webinar HERE

GI--Humanity Care: Sustainable Development and the Church-Mission Community (27 November 2018)
Gordon-Conwell Seminary, USA

GIn--Integrity and Moral Health for a More Whole World  (7 November 2018)  video
--Health for Peace: Contributions from Peace Psychology  Geneva Peace Week, United Nations

GI--Global Integration and Global Integrity: Applications for Christians in Leadership (17 May 2018)
Global Christianity, Leadership, and Development course, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, USA

GI—Peace Psychology-Geneva Peace Week: Connecting Colleagues-Global Relevance (27 March 2018) International Psychology and Peace Conference, Kroc Institute and APA Division 48, University of Notre Dame, USA. Handouts (no power point) 

GMH--Global Integration-Global Integrity: Applications for Mental Health Professionals  (23 March 2017)
Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology, course, George Fox University, USA

GIn—Integrity for Managers (discussion of two short articles) (10 August 2017)
Graduate and Professional Programs, course, St. Mary’s University, USA. Handouts (no power point)

GIn--Living in Integrity as Global Citizens (10 December 2016).
Trio Gathering, Geneva. See also: Global Integrity: Moral Wholeness for a Whole World (25 weblog entries 2016) CORE Member Care: Reflections, Research, and Resources for Good Practice 

GMCGMC: Serving Jesus Christ in the Missio Dei (27 May 2016)
Korea Church and Mission Leaders

GMH--Sustainable Global Mental Health Development  (5 October2016)
World Mental Health Day Event, World Council of Churches/Ecumenical Centre, Geneva

MC--Doing Member Care Well: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives (September 2016)
Middle East Member Care Consultation

GMHGlobal Integration: Connecting and Contributing ad Faith-Based MHPs  (31 March 2016)
Spiritual and Religious Issues in Professional Psychology course, George Fox University, USA

GInLoving Truth and Peace: MHPs and Corruption in the Church-Mission Community. (11 March 2016)
Poster session, Christian Association for Psychological Studies Conference, USA

GMHTransforming Our World: MHPs and Sustainable Development (11 March 2016)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies Conference , USA.

GMH--Global Integration: Stories and Strategies for your MHP Journey (8 March 2016)
Psi Chi, Biola University, USA

GI—Global Integration: Reflections on Our GI Journey as MHPs (8 March 2016)
Rosemead School of Psychology chapel, Biola University, USA

GMH--—Global Mental Health: Working in the Towers, Trenches, and All In Between (8 March 2016)
Biola University, USA

GI—GI: Common Ground-Common Good—Perspectives on UN, CS, FB Sectors (15 December 2015)
NGOs and development course, Gordon Conwell Seminary, USA

GMH--GMH: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors (26 June 2015)
Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health, William James College, USA

GIn--Global LTP: Lessons from our Journey with Jesus (29 March 2015)

GIGlobal Integration: Lessons from Our Journey--GMC, GMH, SD (14 January 2015)
Global Christianity and World Evangelization Course, Gordon Conwell Seminary, USA CAPS?

GIn—Loving Truth and Peace: Living with Resilience and Relevance (December 2014)
School of Ministry, Calvary Chapel Southeastern Connecticut, USA

GMH--Global Integration Webinar 3: Global Mental Health–Historical Reflections and Trauma  (12 Dec 2014)
Interview with Dr. Richard Mollica, Harvard University, USA (audio not available) 

GMH--Global Integration Webinar 2: Evidence-Based Interventions in Low and Middle Income Countries (21 Nov 2014) Interview with Dr. Paul Bolton, Johns Hopkins University, USA (audio not available)

GMC--Global Integration Webinar 1: Crossing Sectors in Global Member Care (14 November 2014)
Dr. Kelly O’Donnell and Dr. Michèle O’Donnell, Member Care Associates, Geneva (audio not available)

GI—Global Integration: Charting Your Course (12 November 2014)
Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA), Connecticut College, USA

GMH--GMH: Staying Updated-Crossing Sectors, (6 May 2014)
Spring Conversation Series, O’Neill Institute, Georgetown University, USA

GMH--GMH and NGOs: Working Together Well! (7 March 2014)
HimalPartner GMH Seminar, Oslo, Norway

GMHGMH: Overview and Opportunities for MHPs (March 2014)
Psychological Consultation course, George Fox University, USA. Handouts

GMH--Global Integration: Opportunities for Consulting Psychologists and MHPs (March 2014)
This power point and handouts overview our work as consulting psychologists in global integration, developed to be used in  (a variety of class/course settings (2014):  Power point (30 slides); Handout (three pages);  and 2016 handouts update. ok ok ok

GMHThe Context for Evidence-Based Practice (October 2013)
GMH: Evidence-Based Practice in Low Resource Countries, training day, Johns Hopkins et al. Geneva

GMH--GMH: A Resource Map for Connecting and Contributing (7 August 2013)
Nordic WHO Simulation Conference,  ok Copenhagen, Denmark. Handouts  

GInLoving Truth and Peace: A Case Study in Family Resilience—Mission/Aid Corruption (June 2013)
Overseas Mission Study Center, USA

GI—Global Integration: Charting Your Course in the Service of Humanity (12  April 2013)
Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, USA

GI--Global Integration Workshop: Charting Your Course in the Service of Humanity (6 April 2013)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies, USA (post-conference workshop). Handouts ok  

GMC—Global Member Care: Supporting Mission/Aid Workers and Senders (April 2013)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies Conference, USA

GMCCurrent Practices and Hot Topics in Supporting Humanitarian and Mission Workers (April 2013)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies Conference, USA. Handouts

GMC--Global Member Care Overview (Date?)



Global HealthTowards the Right to Health via a Framework Convention for Global Health (28 May 2013)
Side event resented on behalf of the O’Neill Institute, Georgetown School of Law at the 23rdHuman Rights Council and the 66t World Health Assembly, UN Geneva. Handouts 

GMH—Kelly presentation/opening
Alleviating the Global Burden of Trauma Conference, EMDR, WHO? NGO Forum? (background doc)

--Liberty University (date?) 

--Regent University (date?)

GITrio Gatherings (November 2013-December 2016—more to come hopefully). Sixteen events primarily in the Geneva area. Trio Gatherings provide a relaxed, informal space where colleagues can interact on important topics for mutual learning and mutual support. The gatherings are part of our commitment to encourage “global integration”—connecting relationally and contributing relevantly on behalf of the major issues facing humanity and in light of our core values and integrity.

GIn—Renaissance Forum (dates). Topics as co-organizer/facilitator/presenter.  TBD

GMHConsultation and Overview—WHO Mental Health Action Plan (9 October 2012)
NGO Forum for Health, WCC/Ecumenical Center, Geneva

GMCGMC: Developing Resilience and Relevance for Christian Workers (18-20 April 2012)
MUT National Mission Consultation, Bangalore, India.  Handouts 

GMCHistorical Highlights for Supporting Humanitarian Staff (March 2012)
Supporting Humanitarian Workers: Lessons from Research and Practice-NGO Forum for Health, Geneva 

MC—Member Care Overview (Date)
Families in Global Transition Conference, USA

MCResilient People in Difficult Places: Providing MC for Mission/Aid Workers (2011)
Christian Association for Psychological Studies, USA
Audio:  TBA

GMH--Global Mental Health: A Resource Map for Connecting and Contributing (November 2011)
World Mental Health Congress, RSA

GMHIntegrating Mental Health and NCDs (October 2011)
Contributions for Action on NCDs and Global Health, NGO Forum for Health, Geneva  

MC—Organizational Perspectives-Member Care, UNHCR Case Study, Future Directions (19 June 2010)
Member Caravan Conference, Fuller School of Psychology, USA. Handouts (no power point) ok

MC--Team Resiliency (2010)
This five lesson course includes short audio lectures with notes, handouts, and a core article.
--Course Syllabus and Suggested Readings
--Lesson 1: Introduction and Team Characteristics
--Lesson 2. Team Health and Dysfunction
--Lesson 3. Team Leaders and Member Care
--Lesson 4. Team Building and Managing Conflict
-Lesson 5: Pulling It All Together

 GMH--Healing the Wounds of Trauma (Date)
Bawtry Hall, United Kingdom (co-trainer in five day course)

GI--God in the Global Office (2009)
This is a foudational overview of our work in member care linking it to our perspectives and opportunities for global issues.  The link above is for the powerpoint and it also includes the transcript of our comments in the note pages under the slides--great for more in-depth study.  Click here to access the audio.  Note that you have to advance the slides manually/separately as you listen to the audio (if you want to combine both). Note that some of the short video links for creative and personal applications no longer work (as of November 2022).

GI—God in the Global Office: Practicing Psychology in Mission/Aid (24 February 2009)
Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, USA. Handouts 

MC—The Peals and Perils: Practicing Psychology in Mission/Aid (19-20 February 2009)
Symposium on the Integration of Psychology and Theology, Fuller School of Psychology, USA
--Overview of the Three Lectures
--Staying Healthy in Difficult Places: MC in Mission/Aid Settings
--Promoting Health and Managing Dysfunction in Mission/Aid Settings
--Ethics and Human Rights in MC: Developing Guidelines for Good Practice
--Audios for the Symposium: Introduction, Lectures, and Responses
Note: Much of the content was developed further and published in Global Member Care (Volume One): The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (2011) 

--Enabling the Mis Consultation 2 (1992), USCWM, USA (two presentations)

--Enabling the Mis Consultation 1 (1990) USCWM, USA

--Retreats, psychology graduate students (1990, 1992) Passionist Retreat House Sierra Madre, CA USA