Self-Produced Work

Bring Your Kids!  - Debut at the Bryant Lake Bowl April 2022, we're now monthly at HUGE Theater since November 2023. - A comedy variety show for kids and their grown-ups! HUGE Theater, Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

Penny and the Bandits' Apocalypse Disco Album Release Video Party - March 27th, 2024. Featuring videos by Felicia Cooper, Jeffrey Nolan + Hawken Paul, and Phantom Chorus! Featuring music by Andy Caush and Penny and the Bandits! Hosted by comedian MJ Matheson!

Something Musical presents... - May 2023 - present - A showcase of musical improv! HUGE Theater

There's a Crack in Everything - April 2023, September 2022, July 2022 - A night of music and word-stuff from here. Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. 

There's a Crack in Everything vs. Rev. Matt Kessen's Monster Science - October 2022 & 2024. Spooky music with monster science! Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

Nudge Makes a Movie - April 2022 - Cinematic! Relational! Awkward! Improvised monoscene by a groups of veteran performers. Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. 

The Overview Effect - August 2019, Minnesota Fringe Festival - Improvised exploration of the Overview Effect. 

That's Fun! - 2014 - Live music and interview show, co-produced with Levi Weinhagen. Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. 

Camilla Parker Bowls at the BLB - 2012 - Interview show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. 

Directing Experience

"Cold Planet Warm Heart" by Dan Pinkerton and Robert Elhai. Produced by Fortune's Fools Theater. Fall 2023. "Jen Scott directs with a sincere yet playful tone, and a little bit of "we're putting on a show!" energy." - Cherry & Spoon

"Dracula's Midnight Diner: A Musical Mystery" by Jen Scott (book and music) - Fall 2022. Through COMPAS, with Partnership Resources Inc.

"The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" by Don Zolitis - Fall 2012. Humboldt High School, St. Paul MN. 

"Attack of the Nanoscientists" – Fall 2008 - 2010. Science Museum of Minnesota.

“Courtney and France's Big Argument” – Chicago Avenue Project, Aug. 2007.

“A Supermodel's Little Sister”Chicago Avenue Project, Apr. 2007.

“The Chronicles of Sublarnia: The Pupils, the Teachers, and Mohammad, the Foreign Exchange Student” – Brave New Institute Teen Showcase, Aug. 2006 – Sketch comedy and improv showcase.

"Cinderella" - Old Gem Theater, Sept-Nov. 2005 - Fifteen 8-12 year olds in the Old Gem's "Theatre for Kids by Kids Program".

"Things That Go Bum in the Night" - Brave New Institute Teen Showcase, Aug. 2005 - Sketch comedy and improv showcase. 

"Why You Shouldn't Leave the Future to Us" - Brave New Institute Teen Fringe Festival performance, Aug. 2004 - Sketch comedy and improv showcase. Minnesota Fringe Festival