-Marina History




"Form of Government: City Charter. City-Council Manager form of government.

Website: www.ci.marina.ca.us

Like the abundant migratory birds of Marina Dunes, the City of Marina has taken flight and is soaring with the winds of change and opportunity. Incorporated in 1975, the City of Marina became a place of rest and relaxation for the United States Army's 25,000 soldiers of Fort Ord. With the base closure of 1993, Marina was provided a significant portion of Fort Ord acreage and an enormous opportunity to protect Marina's natural setting while developing the city in a way that insulates it from negative impacts of urban sprawl to become a desirable residential and business community.

Currently, a city of 19,000 residents, Marina is the fastest growing city on the Monterey Coastline. Now home to several major centers of learning, business parks, shopping centers and a municipal airport, Marina offers promising conditions for business, research, collaboration, emerging technology commercialization and new markets for service companies seeking a growing and economically diverse population.

Population growth for the next twenty years is expected to double, and responsible development will help replace jobs lost through the closure of Fort Ord while expanding the City's overall economic base. The City of Marina will continue to enhance cultural resources, create additional and unique retail experiences, provide for housing diversity and recreational opportunities, and create a sense of place unlike anywhere else on the MontereyBay." City of Marina Adopted Budget 2009/10, page 17