The following is a partial list of issues facing the city. My stated opinion is brief due to the limited space and number of topics. Please feel free to contact me at frank@oconnell4us.com so that a thorough discussion may take place.

1. CalAm: In the past, there was one presently elected Marina official who supported and voted for the CalAm test slant wells in Marina. He will have to explain his vote because I will never understand how he voted for CalAm. I continue to fight to protect the water rights of the City of Marina. Numerous hours of meetings, research, and closed  session discussions continue to be necessary in order to protect our water rights. The CPUC, CCC, and the courts  will render their decisions based on the evidence presented. I will continue to be an unconditional supporter of the city's water rights.

2. Downtown Vitalization: We are in need of a downtown specific plan that will not only set forth an organized approach to future development, but will ease the burden on the city staff and future developers. The cooperation of private real property owners is a necessity. It is anticipated that the city will complete the specific plan process this calendar year.

3. City Infrastructure: Pot holes, streets with no sidewalks, raised sidewalks, and street lighting, are just a few of the problems that have been addressed by the city council over the years. I will continue to promote the applying of city funds to these and other improvements. This will be done without the need of more taxes being placed on the residents of Marina.

4. Financial: The city is in a strong financial position. We have general funds that have not been allocated to any particular project. Do we hire more staff? Are the police and fire departments properly staffed and equipped? Should we allocate more funds to city beautification? Is a School Resource Officer a good investment? These are issues that I will be deciding as they come before the city council for a vote. My years of experience, knowledge of past actions by the city council, and your input will assist me in making the best decision for the residents, businesses and tourists.