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Over the Years




Please consider running for re-election.  You have been the best ever city council member and we need you and your expertise, most especially now when we have so much on our minds. Margaret-anne Coppernoll-March 2020

“Frank, you are the only council member who actually listens, forwards messages to the relevant agency or person in order to help us all.  I do not have that confidence in any other council member and for that we ALL owe you a debt of gratitude for not just doing your job but for actually caring about the residents you serve here in Marina”. Marina resident-March 2020

 "He,  (Frank) has always been very helpful getting problems solved, whether it is graffiti, potholes, wayward grocery cats, etc." Gary Krejsa, Marina resident-March 2020

"Mr. O'Connell is capable, understands the issues, and from what we have seen, is certainly prepared to discuss and debate the issues which come before him. Further and foremost,  it appears he has no personal or secret agenda and he has no special interests to which he is, or has been, beholden to" Leigh and Kim Rodriguez, Marina residents



"Frank O'Connell, a local attorney...will elevate the civic discussion and help Marina move away from the recent administration's vision-less lust for big box development"

Monterey County Weekly 10/16-22/08

"Frank is principled, works hard, studies the issues, goes out of his way to listen to the public and makes decisions that he believes are in the best interest of Marina.  He pays particular attention to  those whose voices may not have been heard, traditionally."
Jane Parker, Mty. Cty. Supervisor

"As a member of the FORA Board, Marina Councilman Frank O'Connell's thoroughness and professionalism promote the best of Marina. I am very impressed with his effort to promote and protect Marina's interests while addressing the many issues that come before the FORA Board." Nancy Selfridge, former Monterey City Councilmember

Frank, "You can count on me to come to you directly to get your views on topics that come up with recreation. It sure made a difference last night" Darlena Ridler-June 23, 2009- Recreation & Cultural Services Commissioner/Past Chairperson

"As one of the hardest working members of the City Council, Mayor Pro Tem Frank O’Connell has always been responsive to citizen requests, proactive in anticipating our needs and unrelenting in his pursuit of the facts necessary to solve the tough economic and governmental issues that come before the Council. Above all, his personal integrity and dedicated service to Marina citizens have been evident at his regular town hall meetings, and many other community meetings, where he has demonstrated his willingness to listen to all people, his acute understanding of the complex problems of this community, and his commitment to innovative solutions.”   Paula F. Pelot, Chairperson Preston and Abrams Parks Tenants' Association

" By picking ... Frank O'Connell to the City Council, voters will be saying that the big decisions should be made by the public and its representatives, not the developers."... O'Connell will put the public back into the process."Monterey Herald 10/14/08 : The Herald's View 10/14/08

"What I most appreciate about Mayor Pro Tem Frank O’Connell is his humility and his direct, honest approach to problem-solving. Frank seems to deeply care about his responsibilities representing the people of Marina. Beyond his obvious devotion to his wife and commitment to his professional legal obligations, Frank works tirelessly as a city council member. He reads every piece of paper that crosses his desk and comes to council meetings fully prepared to discuss issues before casting his vote. Frank cares about the working class families of this town and the seniors." Greg Furey, Marina resident-2/24/2011

"Mayor Pro Tem O’Connell has kept his campaign promises.  I have appreciated Frank’s Town Hall meetings, his thorough review of items presented to him for consideration as well as his ability to remain calm at all times, even when others are trying to attack him and his integrity.
Frank works endless hours to make Marina a better place for all of us to live, no matter who we are.  I'm impressed that Mayor Pro Tem O’Connell is willing to take on the most difficult of problems.         Patty Cramer, President Marina Del Mar
Homeowner's Association, Associate Manager - GSMOL – Area B1,   2/23/2011

"Frank O'Connell, a local attorney...will elevate the civic discussion and help Marina move away from the recent administration's vision-less lust for big box development" Monterey County Weekly 10/16-22/08

Councilman O’Connell has been a pretty tireless advocate on behalf of the city in these meetings so, it is good to have a voice. So, thank you. Marina resident Dan Amadeo acknowledging his understanding of Mayor Pro Tem O’Connell’s involvement in  negotiations with Fort Ord Reuse Authority over the Preston Park matter. City Council meeting 4/26/2011



1. Greg Furey

2. Paula F. Pelot

3. Sharon Atterbury

4. Denise Turley

5. Mike Owen

6. Margaret Davis

7. Phil Roland

8. Leigh Rodriguez

9. Patty Cramer

10. Frank Lambert

11. Steve Zmak-former Marina Planning Commissioner

12. Dr. Thomas Moore-Marina Coast Water District Board member

13. Peter Le - former Marina Coast Water District Board member

14. David Burnett-Chair Marina Planning Commissioner