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Some people have criticised me for being anonymous and have claimed that I am gutless for being so.

These people are right to be disturbed by my need for anonymity. Even in the UK Christians represent a broad church and as I mention on my website I have been warned by other critics of OCC that they have received threatening 'phone calls from OCC supporters and other bad reactions.

I was not anonymous initially. My wife and I have had numerous discussions with local schools and I have spoken at length with my local organiser of OCC and with other local supporters, and my wife has discussed our concerns at our local Christian bookshop (who were themselves disturbed to find that OCC uses WorldServe Ministries which they described as a "fringe group"). I was also invited by one of the OCC organisers to go to one of the collection/packing points to see for myself a video of what goes on and "to see that no literature is put in the boxes" (I explained that I know no literature is put in the boxes - as it used to be - but that following complaints about this in the national press it is now handed out alongside the boxes (as if that makes a difference!)). I agreed to go to the collection/packing point and mentioned that I would also like to show a video of my own that shows the evangelism in action. I was then amazingly told that they are very busy and I couldn't go after all (that turn around is in the course of a single 'phone call!)

Following an interview in my local press (in which I merely stated that OCC was an evangelical organisation that used the shoe boxes as an evangelical tool and that I had found many local people who did not know this, merely thinking OCC was a Christmas present charity) I received much unpleasant invective, accusations of bigotry and even bizarrely found my young children accused of taking part in satanic rituals (where they got that from I don't know! - and no it is not true!!)

I have lots of guts and was not anonymous to start with, as I have detailed above. However when it comes to local issues I do not want my children brought into this, so now I am anonymous for that reason and do not want to give my details out on the Internet to anyone with respect to OCC, as once they are anywhere on the Internet they have a habit of turning up at all sorts of places and then are impossible to remove.

I have found OCC supporters are far more aggressive than I would have given them credit for once I started this and I don't want them 'phoning me at home where my children might answer the 'phone (I have an unusual surname and it is easy to find me in the 'phone book). I am also very well informed on the state of Christianity in the UK, both from inside knowledge and much research, and I can assure you it ranges from the most pleasant and understanding people to the most rabid and disturbed. I have had an anonymous death threat (don't know what country that is from) and one gem of a UK fundamentalist wrote to me saying: " I condemn and reject your master and all his works in Jesus name. I leave you to your terrible end, very apt for the evil filth you publish against God."  I find it quite strange that any criticism of religion or religious activities can cause such extreme reactions, let alone the bizarre thought that I must be some kind of devil worshipper!