The Orthodox Christian faith is for all. We wish to share this faith with people like you and all who are searching for the fullness of the truth, that we all may be transformed by Christ. We invite all inquirers to come and encounter the Apostolic faith - the faith of the New Testament - as it has been preserved for two thousand years in the Orthodox Church.

Every Sunday, following the divine services, we gather together for coffee and conversation just down the hall from the chapel. You are more than welcome to join us. On the first Sunday of the month Father John (our priest) offers Adult Catechism Class, and on the second and fourth Sunday of the month Matushka Constantina (Fr. John’s wife) offers a Sunday School lesson for the children.

Holy Communion - the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ - is reserved solely for Orthodox Christians who have fittingly prepared and have a blessing from their spiritual father or confessor to approach the chalice.

Fr. John and Matushka Constantina


“So, may our Christ, Who is the true Light, enlighten and guide the steps of each person who wants to approach Him.”

-Elder Joseph the Hesychast

Holy Lady Vladimir Mission (OCA)