About Litre Sprintcar Racing - Almost 40 Years On



Since their inception in the early 80’s the Litre Sprintcars have held a firm place in the Australian Speedway scene. The Litre Sprint, or Lightning Sprint class as it is known today, is still regarded as one of the most exciting and affordable classes of “Open Wheelers” in Australian Speedway. These midget sized winged rocket ships speak for themselves. There is nothing this fast, for this cheap. This is sprintcar style, for street car money.

It's a place where aspiring sprintcar drivers can cut their teeth among a field of class and experience that spans decades. You will soon see why most of us are hooked, but if you are dreaming of 410 sprintcars, then we encourage you to earn your wings with us first. 

If speedway karts are renowned as the school yard, then Lightning Sprints is where you get your apprenticeship. 

Using either highly modified small car or standard motorcycle engines, these cars have a very broad appeal to many competitors from the purist to the innovators. 

Today's class offers unparalleled diversity to suit any racers budget based on:
  • driveline - quick change diff or chain drive;
  • engines - modified small car engines or standard bike engines;
  • methanol delivery - mechanical or electronic injection and carbs too.

While the cars continue to evolve as new engines, chassis and technology becomes available, all cars currently racing remain competitive and an affordable rate. This is a budget division that is run by the drivers, for the drivers.

After almost 40 years the class objective remains the same:
Close & fast paced racing for a wide range of competitors at comparatively low cost, in an enjoyable environment.