Nova Ahmed

Hello. I am Nova, from Bangladesh. 

a smiling photo of nova


I am a researcher and a faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North South University

My area of interest covers systems and human centered  computing in FeministHCI - trying to ensure inclusive technology.

I have some talks and news shared here - mostly for myself to easily find them out! Here is a recent one.

I am passionate about engaging women and children in Computing, STEM and/ or programming. You can look at my research here.

Ongoing Projects

MonMajhi to address mental health problems

TunTuni understanding ways youth perceive tech

Hand drawn picture of Ada lovelace

Aparajita including women in STEM

Shondhi Supporting Children with Autism 

Protibadi to fight sexual harassment

two women experimenting flash flood

Shonabondhu IoT device to handle flash flood

Alor Akash Including women in fintech


In my free time, I love to spend time with my girls Anuva, Arisha and partner Arshad.

You can contact me here.