The Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society Dinner
Rancliffe Arms, Bunny,  6 April 2016.

(All photos: Bryan Button)
The 102nd Year Society dinner was held at The Rancliffe Arms in Bunny. It was attended by 26 members and guests. Our poet laureate, George Kirkham, was present and recited a specially composed poem:

The Rancliffe Arms
Doth have its charms
A genial host
And a resident ghost.
Did you say ghost?
Yes you heard
I'll have him by his beard
And remove his flipping head
Just a mo- he's already flaming dead
With his head tucked underneath his arm.
Thats all right then- he can do no harm.
The menu was studied for cakes and goodies
It reminded me of punters at the bookies.
We made our choice of mains and starters
(Hope you don't mean gas or waters.)
Swivel-hipped waiters balancing plates
Putting them on tables for us and our mates
Then along came pud, sweet or seconds
All good stuff that calories beckons.
After that we were full, stuffed and replete.
After a while we staggered to our feet.
Now let's all say ‘thanks to Bryan and Minou'
For a really good, smashing ‘bit of a do'
Let’s all go home, quietly, softly and full of good cheer.
All being well we will meet up next year.

(From the Spring 2016 Newsletter).

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