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An attempt to recreate the famous North East Folk Directory compiled years ago by the late Phil Ranson.

The North East's Folk Directory was an invaluable resource to anyone involved in the folk world in and around the north east of England and we hope that this online version will become just as useful.

All information entered so far has been collated from existing web sources. Please check the links to confirm 'Event and Festival' dates dates as these may change from those listed.

It is still under construction. If you would like a free entry (or indeed excluded from the directory!) please e-mail info@northeastfolkdirectory.org.uk with your details and which section you wish to be listed under. If you would like to sponsor a page, please get in touch at the same e-mail address.

I'm busy updating the twitter links on some pages. The links on some pages work while others don't. Please bear with me while I sort this out!