Web Apps

When working at Cognovi, I was lead developer for - a property search site for recipients of housing benefit.

Virtual Observatory

While working for AstroGrid at Manchester University, I led the team that produced VODesktop - a suite of GUI applications that retrieve tables, images and metadata from the world-wide Virtual Observatory.

I followed this by working at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, where I produced a web-based application - Ravioli - which provides the same basic functionality as VODesktop, implemented using Grails. Simple and useful (if you're an astronomer).

Functional Programming

I'm the original author of DrIFT - a type sensitive preprocessor for Haskell that generates boilerplate code by applying user-supplied rules to type declarations. I'm grateful to Malcom Wallace and now John Meacham for taking over the maintenance of this project. The DrIFT project page is:

Other Websites

Away from my day job, I produce simple business websites for family and friends