Curriculum Vitae

Noel Winstanley


Work Experience


    • A versatile end-to-end developer with strong practical & theoretical knowledge. Able to communicate with different professional groups. Can evaluate and acquire new technologies quickly. Excellent object-oriented design, code and test skills. An analytical problem solver who takes pride in his work.
    • Cayova Ltd. (Feb 2013 - October 2013)
      • Contract Software Engineer
        • Developed scalable back end infrastructure for a socal network. This comprises a REST-ful API server, feeding events through Kafka into Storm topologies for fanout and message delivery into MySql / Cassandra / Redis.
        • Techonologies: Groovy, Guice, Jersey, Cassandra, Redis, Storm, JPA, MySQL, Grails, GPars, GMock, Yammer Metrics
    • Cognovi Ltd. (October 2011 - Jan 2013)
      • Senior Software Engineer
      • Cognovi Ltd. develop web and mobile apps for UK local government, health, housing & social sectors.
        • Responsibilities included: requirements analysis, server-side development; technology selection; and mentoring of junior developers.
        • Delivered - a property rental site for tenants who receive housing benefit. This multi-tenant application is backed by a geospatial MySQL database, and provides a REST api that supports mobile apps. Local authority workers can access BI dashboards of usage and housing stock, which are implemented using Google BigQuery and Google Chart Tools. Application monitoring is achieved using Yammer Metrics and JMX. The application is functionally tested using Geb.
        • Also worked on a number of other Grails and Spring MVC projects; integrating with NHS webservices, social networking, parallelisation, and design & implementation of RESTful data access API.
        • Extended a third-party Android application to simplify the UX for older users, and introduced gesture recognition so that carers could access hidden configuration screens.
        • Technologies: Grails, Groovy, Spring MVC, MySQL, REST, GPars, Yammer Metrics, Android, Google APIs, Twitter Bootstrap, Geb, Jenkins
    • Newbay Ltd. (May 2010 - October 2011)
      • Senior Software Engineer
      • Agile development of new features and bugfixes for a brownfield high volume REST-ful api server: a social network aggregation service used by mobile phone manufacturers and network operators.
        • Worked on code generation; performance and concurrency improvements; and build & test tooling.
        • Collaborated with social network providers and customers distributed worldwide to implement new features, troubleshoot customer coding problems, and provide support.
        • I was scrum master for a team delivering new features on a very tight timescale. We introduced a new development approach that enabled our deadlines to be met while accommodating changing requirements. This involved having developers and testers working closely together in a cross-functional team; capturing repeating implementation patterns as Groovy abstractions; using Groovy for testing; and training and mentoring developers and testers new to that language.
        • Test-driven development using JUnit; Mockito; and a record-replay proxy for social-network responses that I was instrumental in delivering.
        • Technologies: Java, Spring, Groovy, XML, JSON, SOAP, Hibernate, MySQL, JMX, HTTPClient, GPars, JUnit, Mockito, GMock, Maven, Ant, Sonar.
    • Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh (2009 - April 2010)
      • Senior Software Engineer
      • Design and development of web services and rich internet applications for the Virtual Observatory.
        • Delivered a Grails web application for resource exploration
        • Technologies: Groovy, Grails, YUI, REST, SOAP
    • Department of Astronomy, University of Manchester (2003 - 2009)
      • Senior Java Developer
      • I designed and implemented web-services, GUI, commandline clients and APIs for the UK contribution to the Virtual Observatory - the international e-science infrastructure for astronomy.
        • Responsibilities included leading a small team of developers; investigating candidate technologies; and shaping the overall system design and architecture.
        • Collaborated with a domain expert to iteratively prototype and implement a faceted browser for astronomical resources.
        • Built a server-side workflow engine to orchestrate external webservices in a distributed workflow.
        • Represented the project in international standardisation processes, for which I developed reference implementations and contributed to specifications.
        • Worked on-site with partners in Europe, India, Japan and South Africa, supporting deployment and delivering presentations and workshops for end users and administrators.
        • Technologies: Java, Swing, Python, Groovy, Tomcat, Axis, SOAP, REST, XML, XSD, XQuery, JNLP, MySQL, JUnit, Maven
    • Esgem Ltd. (2000 - 2002)
      • Software Engineer
      • Esgem Ltd. was a software startup that specialised in contract development for consumer electronics.
        • Devised a distributed data-collection system that used mobile code to monitor networked consumer devices and report metrics back to a central service.I developed a prototype data-collection service using Tomcat and MySQL, and then led a small agile team of developers to implement a JNLP launched Java Swing application to control the data-collection system.
        • Presented the prototype system to teams at Canon Research and Phillips.
        • Technologies: Java, Sockets, Tomcat, Swing, Applets, MySQL, Javascript, JUnit, Ant, Cruisecontrol
    • PhD Computing Science University of Glasgow (1996 - 2001)
      • I designed a sequence of domain-specific languages implemented in Haskell. These languages can be used to specify parallel algorithms and then incrementally derive efficient parallel implementations from them by stepwise introduction of implementation constraints.
      • Technologies: Haskell, MPI.
    • BSc (Hons) Computer Science University of Nottingham (1993 - 1996)
    • First Class
    • A-Levels Welshpool High School (1990 - 1992)
    • Mathematics (B), Physics (C), Economics (C)

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