Join Navy League

If you're between 9 and 11 years old, come make new friends as a Navy League Cadet and learn new things such as boating, sailing, camping, first-aid, knot tying, drills and a variety of sports. If you have seen Navy League Cadets in parades and at community events, and thought you would enjoy being a part of it, in just a few steps you can be on your way to a lifetime of opportunity.

The first steps:

  • Get your parents to read the Information for Parents page

  • Get your parents to fill out the Forms to join Navy League at the bottom of this page.

  • Arrange transportation to: 9565 Hurricane Road, Sidney, BC, Tuesdays (5:45 - 8:30pm)

  • Bring your parents with you the first time you come to the corps

In addition, please bring these documents to your registration:

  • Proof of Age (passport, birth certificate or any card with photo issued by the Canadian government)

  • Proof of Health Insurance (Provincial health insurance card, Blue Cross card, etc.)

It is very simple and after some training, you will receive your uniform and can start earning badges and qualifications. The dates and times of meetings are shown on the Calendar page.

The Navy League Cadet Promise:"I solemnly promise to honour the Queen and so conduct myself as to the be a credit to my country and my Corps; to abide by the regulations of The Navy League of Canada, attend drills regularly, take proper care of any uniforms and equipment entrusted to me, and assist and support The Navy League of Canada to the best of my abilities."

See the Administration Officer on your first visit for forms you need to join Navy League. The Corps will also need a photocopy of the birth certificate and Provincial Care Card.