The summer camping experience provides more than just fun. Summer camp offers physically and intellectually challenging activities, new and rewarding experiences, and supportive and caring relationships.

In just one week of camp, youth develop:

    • Strong personal values and character

    • Positive sense of self-worth and usefulness

    • Caring and nurturing relationships with peers and adults

    • Desire to learn by exploring nature and the environment

    • Productive and creative use of time

Other Logistics:


We depart for Forestburg on Sunday (see Troop calendar for exact date) from the exit 109 Garden State Park and Ride lot. Traditionally the Troop stops at a restaurant a long the way for something to eat just before arrival. We check in as a Troop at the campsite at about 1 p.m.

We will leave camp on Saturday (see Troop calendar for exact date) after morning closing ceremony, approximately 9 a.m.

If you plan to drive up and/or back from FSR, please contact Mike Maier and let him know how many spots you have available in your car for other Scouts. A list of drivers and passengers will be published beforehand.


Letters or care packages should be sent the day before or the day after the Scouts leave for camp so it will arrive about the half way point of the camp. Send to:

Scout's Name___________________

Troop #67 J. Fred Billett Camp, Week 2

Forestburg Scout Reservation

1945 Route 42

Forestburg, New York 12777


Family and friends are welcome to come and visit the campers after lunch. All visitors MUST check in with camp staff in the Billett Administration Building.

Visitors are encouraged stay for the Friday barbecue dinner, the campfire and share fellowship. Friday afternoon is filled with camp wide games, so this is a great opportunity to see the Scouts in action.

Many Troop 67 parents have come up on Friday to share the experience with their son, brought a tent and slept overnight with the Troop and left with their son on Saturday. For those in the Troop that consider a Motel 6 camping there are several motels in Monticello and Port Jervis.

Please let Mike Maier know if you plan to come to the BBQ on Friday night so the troop can purchase a dinner ticket for you.


The Forestburg Trading Post has a variety of snacks, merit badge pamphlets, Scout items including t-shirts and hats, and necessities such as soap, shampoo, bug repellent, Scout knives, uniform parts, ponchos, socks, etc.

It is recommended that Scouts bring around $35 to cover snacks, lunch on the way up to camp and a small souvenir. More money should be sent if your Scout needs to purchase other items or a kit or shooting ticket for one of their merit badges. (Costs below are approximate)

Electronics kit: $8

Space Exploration kit: $16

Basketry kit: $20

Indian Lore kit: $15

Leather work kit: $10

Wood Carving kit: $6

Merit Badge Pamphlet: $4.50

Rifle Shooting Class ticket: $6

Shotgun Shooting Class ticket: $20

Shirts and hats: $13-$17

Forestburg Website

More information about Forestburg can be found at:

Interactive Map and Driving Directions:

Important Dates:

As soon as possible bring:

Merit Badge Selection Form (download in forms/downloads section) and $100 Deposit per Scout is due


Final balance of $300 per Scout and the medical form is due

July 17-23, 2022

Troop 67 at Forestburg

FSR Medical Policy


If your scout is sick KEEP YOUR SCOUT HOME for at least 7 days after symptoms began or 24 hours after symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.

During the Troop's medical recheck on arrival at camp all participants (Scouts and Adults) will be asked if they have any symptoms of influenza and will have their temperature taken. Anyone having a temperature of 100.4F will sleep in a tent separate from others that do not have a fever. If the fever persists until the next day they will be asked to leave camp.

The spread of Influenza can be reduced by covering coughs and sneezes and using good hand hygiene. Hands should be washed frequently, using running water and liquid hand soap.

FSR is staffed with the services of a full time Health Officer and has regular sick call hours for those not feeling well and prescheduled times to hand out prescription medicine.


The PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION FORM must be filled out for any prescription medical brought to camp. Use one form for each prescription medication and/or dosage. Place this form and medication with the original prescription bottle/vial/tube etc.., into a zip lock bag and give it to Mike Maier when we depart for camp. Medication will be given to the camp health officer at our medical rechecks.

EpiPens and inhalers will be carried by Scouts while at camp. All other prescription medicine will be dispensed by the camp Health Officer.

Non-prescription medications do not require a prescription medical form and will not be dispensed by the Health Officer at Camp.


Merit Badge Selection Form

Merit Badge Information

Merit Badge Kit Pre-order Form

BSA Annual Medical Form

Prescription Medication Form

Forestburg Packing List