2017 April 4 meeting minutes

Attendees: Ron Becker, Marilyn Campbell, Bonita Grant, Maxine Lurie, Christie Lutz, Tara Maharjan, Jessica Myers, Laura Poll, Jeffrey Rosenberg, Gary Saretzky, Harriet Sepinwall, Julia Telonidis, Richard Waldron, Lorraine Williams. [More came at 4pm for the talks]

Certificates of Appreciation were presented ahead of the meeting to:

Marc Mappen, for his long service to the organization and his work as secretary.

Harriet Sepinwall, for her help in founding the organization and her service on the Author Award Committee.

Marc was not present to receive the certificate but sent an acknowledgment, included at the end of these minutes. Harriet accepted the award and spoke about her experience in helping found NJSAA.

Approval of minutes: Minutes of the February 28 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Richard Waldron): Closing balance as of April 4th is $1,925.13. The organization is solvent. This includes the largest amount of donations we have received in one period ($355). See report dated February 28-April 4, 2017 for details.

Laura reported that Karl has looked into the cost of printing 450 brochures for MARAC packets for upcoming conference in Newark. The cost is $289.65. Leftovers would be returned for NJSAA use. Laura asked for a motion to approve the brochure number and cost. Approved.

Membership Report (Karl Niederer): Little or no change in membership numbers since the February report.

Website/Facebook Page (Tara Maharjan): 158 Facebook likes.

Laura reported on the survey that went out to NJSAA membership. 44 respondents. There was a clear preference to receive announcements as direct e-mails. Some respondents want to see meetings and programs broadcast because they can’t make the meetings. The possibility of recording/broadcasting will be investigated; will speak with Isaiah Beard about the possibility of recording in the Pane Room. Will return to issue at July meeting.

Committee on Author Awards (Deborah Mercer): Harriet Sepinwall has retired from the committee. Larry Kidder has joined the committee.

Roger McDonough Award Committee for a Librarian/Archivist (Bob Vietrogoski): Bob will be sending out the call for nominations shortly.

Committee on Teaching Awards (Raymond Frey): no report

Paul Stellhorn Award Committee for undergraduate papers (Richard Waldron): Dick anticipates papers will be coming out of Alison Isenberg’s and Robert McGreevey’s respective work on Trenton with their students.

Graduate Student Papers Award (Paul Israel): one submission to date.

NJSAA Lecture Series (Laura Poll): On July 18th, Joann Rajoppi will speak about her new book, Northern Women in the Aftermath of the Civil War: the Wives and Daughters of the Brunswick Boys at the Monmouth County Library, the event co-sponsor. On October 19th, David Blake from The College of New Jersey will speak about his book Liking Ike: Eisenhower, Advertising and the Rise of Celebrity Politics. The December 7th meeting will feature the author award winners.

Development Committee (Jessica Myers): no report, but Jessica encouraged (and received) $5 donations from members present for the awards.

New business and member news:

· State Archives is not moving.

· Princeton undergraduate student films from the Trenton Project will be shown on April 12st at the Princeton Arts Council.

Following the business meeting, Katherine Reed, Stellhorn Award winner for an undergraduate paper, gave her paper, “Arthur Horton’s Fight Against Coeducation at Princeton: An Unsuccessful but Crucial Battle.” Katherine is a sophomore at Princeton University. Teaching Award winner Dr. Andrew Urban spoke about the digital humanities project he and his students produced, “Invisible Restraints: Life and Labor at Seabrook Farms.” Dr. Urban is a professor in the American Studies Department, Rutgers University.

After the presentations, curator Flora Boros gave a tour of the Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives exhibit, Heaven, Hell or Hoboken: New Jersey in the Great War.

Respectfully submitted by Christie Lutz, secretary


Message from Marc Mappen:

Thank you. I truly appreciate the honor you have bestowed on me by presenting me with a Certificate of Appreciation for my service to the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance. I am sorry I cannot join you this afternoon to say thank you in person so I have asked Maxine to convey my sincere thanks.

The work done by NJSAA over the years has gone a long way towards promoting the study of NJ history and culture. As an academic organization, it has been both supportive of educators at all levels of the educational endeavor and also inclusive of all who simply have an interest in learning more about New Jersey’s past. When I was Executive Director of the NJ Historical Commission it was wonderful to know that we would work together, especially through the co-sponsorship of the New Jersey History Issues Convention.

As a founding member of the NJSAA, it is wonderful to see that it is still thriving and giving us all a structure to connect with colleagues to share knowledge and friendships. I always will cherish my involvement with all of you. I look forward to attending future meetings.

Thank you again