2016 February 24 meeting minutes

Present: Maxine Lurie, Paul Israel, Heindrick Fisher, Marc Mappen, Karl Niederer, Michele Rotunda, Tara Maharjan, Christie Lutz, Donna Serbe-Davis, Jean Soderlund, Gary Saretzky, Ron Becker, Bonita Craft Grant, Laura Poll, Julia Telonidis, Bob Vietrogoski, Brianna Leider, Camile Townsend, Michael Bender, Virginia Witken, Michael Bender, Erica Gorder, Tim Corlis, E. Kim Adams, Paul Clemens.

The business meeting was convened at 2:00 pm by Maxine.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved by the members. The current balance is $1,418,78.

After a discussion, it was agreed that the NJSAA should consider participating in the New Jersey History Fair at the Monmouth Battlefield.

Maxine reported that the New Jersey Historical Commission annual conference will be held on November 18-19. The theme will be the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and Environmental History. This is a Forum year so proposals for papers and/or panels should be submitted to the Commission.

Karl reported that there are currently 84 members of the NJSAA.

Laura discussed prospects for speakers at future meetings.

The speaker session began at 3:15pm, with a presentation by Jean Soderlund on her new book “The Lenape Indians and Colonial West Jersey.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Marc Mappen, Secretary