About the Organization ~~ Celebrating 20 Years!

Organized in 1992, the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance (NJSAA) promotes the teaching of New Jersey studies, collaboration on projects, and sharing of materials. The Alliance received an Award of Recognition for their role in promoting New Jersey history from the New Jersey Historical Commission in 1997.

The Alliance's mission is to bring together individuals involved in the study of New Jersey to further knowledge and act as a clearinghouse for information about teaching and research on New Jersey.  The Alliance is by its very nature interdisciplinary and involves people at every level of teaching and research.  Members include teachers (kindergarten through college), historians, geographers, museum and historical organization personnel, archivists, and librarians.  However, anyone is welcome to join NJSAA who has an interest in the study of New Jersey.

The Alliance meets four times a year (October, December, February, April) at Rutgers University's Alexander Library on College Avenue in New Brunswick. Regular meetings are held in the Pane Room in Special Collections to discuss our current activities.  While attendance is not mandatory, connecting with colleagues is invaluable.  Our meetings and programs are open to all.  Minutes of recent meetings are available on this website.

News and Events
News of our organization's recent activities include announcements of award winners and statements of endorsements.   For a more detailed account of NJSAA activities, read our history.  For upcoming events, see our Calendar of Events.

Providing educational programs
  • convention sessions
  • conferences
  • film festivals
  • lectures
  • workshops

Cosponsoring events
  • Monmouth County Archives and History Day
  • National History Day at William Paterson University
  • New Jersey History Issues Convention

Representing the New Jersey studies community
  • testified before the Task Force on New Jersey History
  • testified before the Department of Education and State Legislature budget hearings
  • communicating with politicians and state agencies

Presenting awards for outstanding contributions to New Jersey studies
In 1994, the Alliance worked with the New Jersey Historical Commission to produce Guide to Resources for New Jersey Studies, which was updated several times. At present, it is out of print.

NJSAA member Dick Waldron has updated Mary Murrin and Richard Waldron's New Jersey History: an Annotated and Selected Introductory Bibliography (4th edition, 2015 June). It is available online or as a free PDF on this page below.

Membership to the NJSAA is $5.00 for one year, $15.00 for three years. New members will receive their choice of our unique bumper stickers!  To join, print out and send the Membership form. For questions answered, contact the Membership Chair, Karl Niederer.