Messy method: the secrets of the doctorate

             THE SECRETS OF THE DOCTORATE : An introduction to messy method as a means of creating knowledge: A primer for researchers.


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Secretsofthedoctorate (2015 version)

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The three pages of Faraday's diary mentioned in the book (p.49,50,51) taken from the 1932 edition, are also attached below.


                     VALIDITY  via CITATIONS




                 To add further to the strength / validity of the "messy method" approach: 


Researchers may like to see where other colleagues have used the messy method ideas or simply cited  an article (or a thesis).  A simple way to do this is to search, for example, for articles  by myself or Tina Cook through GOOGLE scholar. Then look at "cited by"  (or some such option) which usually appears below the article's listing  By 2016  over 200 citations had been noted.