Nicole Caulfield Art 

I am pleased to announce my upcoming show Little Boxes & Liminal Spaces at Gallery North in Edmonds, WA during the month of August. This is a joint show with my daughter, Katie Caulfield. 

In this show we both are delving into the theme of nostalgia and memories, both flawed and cherished.  For my work I  piece together a past through trinkets and treasures that evoke cherished memories throughout my life: from the knick knacks in my great aunt's bathroom or the toys advertised during Saturday morning cartoons. I've nestled these items literally in trompe l'oeil boxes; the strange space in the boxes separates the memory, cleans it up and mystifies it. Was the past this perfect or is it just as imperfect as my memories? 

Katie's work is titled Liminal Spaces.  Katie started this series during lockdown, at which time she turned 21 and was in her senior year of college. The series is as much about nostalgia and times past as it is about the funny space between childhood and adulthood.  

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