Nicolas Gillis, Professor 

Department of Mathematics and Operational Research  

Faculté polytechnique, Université de Mons

Rue de Houdain 9

7000 Mons, Belgium

E-mail: nicolas.gillis at , Phone: +32-65374680

Research interests: Low-rank matrix approximations, nonnegative matrix factorization, continuous and discrete optimization, numerical linear algebra, computational complexity, machine learning, data mining, hyperspectral imaging, signal processing. 


Where I'll be at? 

My book on NMF is available online.  The Matlab code of the book is available on gitlab

*Past event*
The second workshop on Low-Rank Models and Applications took place in Mons, 15-16 September 2022, see here for more information (picture, slides of talks, etc.).

We will organize the next LRMA workshop in September 2025.