Nicolas Gillis, Associate Professor 

Department of Mathematics and Operational Research 
Faculté polytechnique, Université de Mons
7000 Mons

E-mail: nicolas.gillis at 
Phone: +32-65374680
Office: 385

Fields of interest. Continuous and discrete optimization, low-rank matrix approximations, nonnegative matrix factorization, numerical algorithms, computational complexity, machine learning, data mining, hyperspectral imaging.

Where I'll be at? 
- 18 May 2017: Doctor Honoris Causa - Data Sciences, Louvain, Belgium. 
- 1-2 June 2017: Workshop on Sparsity in Applied Mathematics and Statistics (SAMS), Brussels, Belgium. 
- 19-23 June 2017: Householder Symposium XX on Numerical Linear Algebra, Virginia Tech, USA. 
- 10-19 July 2017: Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra at the conference on Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Barcelona, Spain.