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"Non-profit Template" Set Up

This website template comes with a few starter website pages. Keep the pages you want and delete the ones you don't. It is not complete and will require some set up. Set up for this template is listed next.

    • Website Name
      • Change the website name to yours.
      • Re-size the website name if it is too long or too large.There are two options.
        • decrease the site header font size
          • open the "Colors and Fonts" page
          • find the "Site Header" section of the scroll-down menu
          • find the "Font Size" and change it
        • re-position the website name
        • Customizing A Google Sites Website Name
    • Navigation
      • Determine whether to use one type or both. Both have exactly the same links.
        • horizontal
        • sidebar
        • both
          • Use whatever combination of links that work for you.
          • Separate them and create two completely different sets of navigation.
          • Use the sidebar for the main navigation and keep some of the more-often used links easily accessible in the horizontal navigation.
    • Page Content
      • Create new pages, if needed.
      • Add your content to the current pages.
    • Forms
      • Two forms come with this template. Use one, both or none.
        • contact
        • event sign up
      • How to copy the forms.
        • Open Google Docs
          • verify that two forms came with this template
          • open one form at a time to copy
          • make a copy
            • File Menu > Make a copy
            • dialog box opens
            • enter name of new form
          • share the form
            • top, right corner find the "Share" button
            • make it public
          • create form confirmation message
            • Form Menu > Edit form
            • form opens
            • More Actions Menu > Edit Confirmation
            • dialog box opens
              • use or create new message
              • save, close form
          • set email notification rules
            • back in the form spreadsheet
            • Tools Menu > Notification Rules
            • 2 options: you decide
              • when to send email
              • how often
        • Open the form page in your website.
          • In edit mode, delete the top row of instructions and left column Contact form gadget
        • Insert your own form.
          • open the Insert Menu, top, left corner
          • find spreadsheet form
          • dialog box opens
          • select your new form
          • recommend to uncheck everything
          • leave width empty
          • set height to the following
            • Events Sign Up form: 600 px
            • Contact Us form: 800 px
      • To use none, delete them and insert your own content.

"Nonprofit Template" Optional Set Up

Sidebar navigation may be used with horizontal navigation, too.

More template headers are available at Sites SOS Templates but you may use your own if they are 960 x 340px. PNGs, transparent images, are recommended to allow background images to show through.

General Template Set Up

For general set up instructions for all templates , follow the Set Up link in the horizontal navigation bar. When template-set up is done, you may delete the Set Up page and link or reuse them.



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