Qualifying Information

limited number of golfers in each division will advance to the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships, commonly referred to as THE OPTIMIST, provided they shoot the minimum qualifying score. We are pleased to announce that we are able to qualify 17 golfers this year.  

The North Florida District will advance the following number of golfers in each age group to the Optimist Junior Golf Championships provided the golfers shoot the appropriate qualifying scores.

 GIRLS:    10-12    2 players with scores of 97 or better

                13-14    3 players with scores of 93 or better

                15-18    3 players with scores of 85 or better

BOYS:      10-11    2 players with score of 96 or better

                12-13    2 players with scores of 90 or better

                14-15    2 players with scores of 83 or better

                16-18    2 players with scores of 78 or better

 If a golfer who lives outside of the District qualifies, his/her participation will not eliminate a District resident from qualifying. 


BOYS AGE DIVISIONS                                        GIRLS AGE DIVISIONS

10 - 11    5,500 YARDS                                        10 - 12    5,000 YARDS

12 - 13    6,000 YARDS                                        13 - 14    5,500 YARDS

14 - 15    6,500 YARDS                                        15 - 18    6,000 YARDS

16 - 18    6,800  YARDS


Optimist Districts and Clubs may provide financial support for winners to attend THE OPTIMIST. The amount of financial support provided and the age divisions covered varies by District.The NFL Optimist District Junior Golf program guarantees registration fees for THE OPTIMIST for the first place boy and girl in the 16-18 age division. Additionally, we pay for the first place boy and girl in the other age divisions as our funds allow.   Please check with the District Chair for details.