Ransom Valley Cemetery

An alphabetical listing and location of tombstones of the people buried in Ransom Valley Cemetery which is located next to the Ransom Valley Church, Ransom Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.  The land donated by John and Jacob Dorsheimer in 1846.

There is a book about the History of Ransom Valley Church and Cemetery © 2000. 
It includes copies of actual records from the church and cemetery from 1911 to 1967. 
It also has write-ups on John and Jacob Dorsheimer and the church and cemetery's restoration. 
It lists the burial date that some of the people who were buried.

This is not my book, but it was written by Mildred Hopkins Pretzer, another descendant of Jacob Dorsheimer.
Some of my information found in these pages was used in this book.
The cost of this book is $12.50.  For more information, please email me.

This cemetery is becoming overgrown with breirs  and poisin ivy (in the Turner lot section).
The cemetery did recently receive new wood chipping (or something similar to this)
on the entrance walkway and into the church.   The best looking sections are Taft
through Geary/Gardner lots (around the church). Since 1999, there has been some vandalism. 
Around 2000, there were some stones like John Rader's that were tipped over. 
There are lights at night at the cemetery to deter vandalism. 

In order to preserve the tombstones of this cemetery, I took digital pictures of
all the tombstones in May 2006. 
Since there is about 500 pictures taken,
I am not able to post them online. 
If there are an tombstones that
you would like to see
, please email me.  Some stones which were
unable to be read in 1999, were able to be identified in 2006 with
the use of a digital camera.

List of people buried in the cemetery
Key to the cemetery maps
Cemetery part A
Cemetery part B
Cemetery part C
Cemetery part D
Cemetery part E
Pictures of the cemetery
Information/Sources for some of the people buried in the cemetery
Index of
History of Ransom Valley Church and Cemetery

Compiled by   Susan LaCoe
great, great, great granddaughter of Philip and Susan Dorsheimer Barrier
great, great, great, great granddaughter of Jacob and Barbara Brong Dorsheimer
June 1999
updated March 2008

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