Transporting a donation of MDF from Daiken, Sefton Rd, Rangiora

 Not much clearance under the mudguards

 Bench for North Loburn School

Go kart for South New Brighton School

 Seating for the community in Southshore
 Benches for Burwood School
 1 of 6 noticeboards produced for the Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust
 One off project for shed funds, dog boxes

A donated kit set table, assembled, stained and delivered to the New Brighton Community Garden.
External cupboard, still to be stained, for the woodworking tools used by the kids of the North Beach Community Creche.
Sunglasses display stand, 1 of 11. A chance to practice mass production techniques and collaboration within the shed.
A new mail box for the Canterbury Men's Centre. The centre is a great support service for men in Canterbury and men's sheds.

 Mud kitchen for the South New Brighton School

 Seating for the Linwood community, Stanmore Road as installed
 Seating for the Linwood community, Stanmore Road ready for delivery
Shop for the Burwood Playcentre
An enjoyable project, great to see the smiles on the youngsters faces.

Benches for the New Brighton Sensory Garden, a project in conjunction with SmileDial
 Mud Kitchen for the South New Brighton PlaycentreWorkbench for the Parklands Playcentre 
 Workbench for the Nova Montessori School, New Brighton. Ken with Frauke co-ordinating the delivery and with Pauline, the principal. 
Picnic table for the South New Brighton Community CentreBenches for the Garden of 
Tranquility, Manchester Street
Giant pencils - project for church Sunday school
Making the cipín, also known in English as "tipper" for playing the Bodhrán (Irish drum).
Note: Safety equipment 
removed for photo


Google site created

posted Mar 23, 2010, 2:13 AM by Ray Hall

Google site created to share progress, keep records and provide for collaboration

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