Objectives of the New Brighton Menz Shed Trust (Extract from the Trust deed).

The Trust is established to carry out within New Zealand the following aims:

  1. To advance education by establishing, maintaining and operating a Men's Shed with equipment and resources in which members of the public can share their knowledge and skills applicable to practical projects.
  2. To be beneficial to the community by improving the psychological well being of people through their participation in practical projects specific to the Men's Shed.
  3. To provide guidance and direction to any Committees that may be set up under this New Brighton Menz Shed Trust.
  4. To liaise with other organisations to further the Aim of this Trust.
  5. To carry out or support research on member’s educational and social needs as applicable to Men’s Sheds.
  6. To provide other programmes and projects consistent with the aims of the Trust.
  7. All of the activities of the Trust shall be carried out within New Zealand and none of its funds shall be applied for purposes outside of New Zealand.
  8. None of the objects set out above shall be limited by reference to any other objects and none of them shall be subsidiary to the other.