Rules For Participation

Rulesfor the multiple choice portion of our local Brain Bee

Rules for the live portion of our local Brain Bee

All Regional Bee questions will be drawn only from this 80 page booklet:

This booklet may be downloaded from
The Society for Neuroscience (link requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

-- Registrant numbers dictate that, like the National Bee, a multiple choice exam will be used to choose those students who will go on to the oral portion of the local Bee

Application Deadline - Friday, February 3, 2012


1st Place (Regional Winner) -- $400 & a $1000 Scholarship to The University of Scranton! (They also qualify for The United States National Brain Bee 2011 -- Information Below)

2nd and 3rd Place -- $50

($400 first place and $50 second and third place prizes are provided by NEPA AHEC)

1st place qualifies for:

National Brain Bee 2012
They are REALLY late in updating this page - it's the best we have. (some info may change)

Where: University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
When: March ??, 2012

Prizes for the 2011 United States National Brain Bee will probably be similar to last year's: 

$3000 for first place, $2000 for second place, and $1000 for third place 

Winner of the United States National Brain Bee will be invited to the:

International Brain Bee!